angle-left End-Of-Show Awards

End-Of-Show Awards

Congratulations to the all-around and high-point winners at the 2019 AQHA Central Level 1 Championships!

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The 2019 AQHA Central Level 1 Championships concluded a four-day run, with 1465 entries, 394 horses and 601 stalls. Below are the winners of the end-of-show all-around and high-point awards. Click here for the jackpot payouts. Congratulations to everyone who exhibited at this year's show!

All-Around Amateur
2006 brown gelding
MDR Impulsified-Diva Diana (TB) by Proud And True
Erin Larson Girolamo, Williston, North Dakota

All-Around Select Amateur
2009 brown gelding
One Hot Chocolate-Duplicated Rose by Duplicated Deck  
Liz Baker-Midtlien, St. Paul, Minnesota

All-Around Youth 14-18
Ona Kruze
2011 sorrel gelding
The Krymsun Kruzer-Ona Impulse by A Sudden Impulse
Kaitlyn Sawyer Smith, Apex, North Carolina

All-Around Youth 13-&-Under
Hunting Blue Skies
2014 gray mare
MDR Impulsified-Blue Skies Ahead by Skys Blue Boy   
Kaylynn Elizabeth Heitman, Marengo, Iowa

Amateur Halter Champion of Champions
Acool Affection
2018 palomino gelding
Hes A Cool Lover-Spirited Affection by The Panda Spirit
Debbie Hussey, Mooreville, Mississippi

Youth Halter Champion of Champions
A Certain Faith
2006 sorrel mare
Certain Potential-Zip Be Easy by Please Be Easy
Trinity Bell, Weatherford, Texas

High-Point Western Amateur
Dukes Miss Nina
2010 dun mare
Double King Duke Jr-Snyders Ms Cash by Peppy Harris        
Katina Dyer, Prague, Oklahoma

High-Point Western Select Amateur
Impulsive Lite
1999 red roan gelding
Impulsions-Precious Glow by Speedy Red Roan
D’Lynn Jones, Millsap, Texas

High-Point Western Youth 14-18  
The Movin Machine
2010 bay gelding
A Good Machine-Graceful Principles by Principle Investment
Ashley Berghorst, Hamilton, Michigan

High-Point Western Youth 13-&-Under
Huntin For Faith
2013 bay mare
Extremely Hot Chips-Huntin A Blaze by Huntin For Chocolate
Nova Nicole Wheatley, Adair, Iowa

High-Point English Amateur
Slew Of Details
2010 brown mare
Last Detail-Ascending Star (TB) by Houston
Teresa Krueger of Johnston, Iowa

High-Point English Youth 13-&-Under
Justin Beamer
2012 bay gelding
Just Expect It-George's Last Wish (TB) by San Mont Andreas
Samantha Heilers, McKinney, Texas

High-Point English Youth 14-18
Do It Like That
2010 black gelding
BMQ Legacy-Sweet Talkin Gracie by Sweet Talkin Chip
Morgan D'Albini, Spring Hill, Kansas

Rookie High-Point Amateur
High-Point English Select Amateur
Sheza Fancy Hotrod
2001 sorrel mare
Hocus Pocus Hotrod-Orphan Heir by Heirogant Son     
Carrie Anderson, Crown Point, Indiana

Rookie High-Point Youth
VS Top Gun
2014 blue roan gelding
Lazy Loper-VS Check My Pulse by One Hot Krymsun  
Anne Oldfather, Kearney, Nebraska