World Champions Featured on

World Champions Featured on

Watch world champion interviews, view winner stats, find top-10 placings and more, brought to you by The American Quarter Horse Journal.

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The staff of The American Quarter Horse Journal was at the 2019 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show to bring fans the story behind every single world champion. You’ll hear in the world champions’ own words exactly what they were thinking moments after they walked out of the arena, gold trophy in hand.

Now you have full access to the world champion pages on, where you can:

  • Watch each “Journal Winning Run.” 

  • View the top-10 placings for each Level 3 class.

  • Find top-three placings for each Level 2 class.

  • See breeder details for each world champion American Quarter Horse.

  • Find the purse value and number of entries for each Level 3 class.

  • Watch video excerpts from each winning ride.

Journal World Champion Coverage

The world champion pages are available for anyone to view and share with friends and family at The Journal is proud of all of our exhibitors, and we love to watch you Ride Like a Champion.