angle-left VRH Limited Youth World Champion

VRH Limited Youth World Champion

Catelyn Walker is VRH limited youth world champion on Do It Classy and reserve world champion on Playin Motown.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Do It Classy Pedigree: 2011 brown mare (Cat Man Do-High Class Senorita by Mr Solano Smoke) Breeder: WT Waggoner Estate of Vernon, Texas Owner: Catelyn Walker of Prairie Grove, Arkansas Exhibitor: Catelyn Walker World Champion Prizes: Gold trophy; sterling-silver buckle by ARC; logoed jacket and world champion patch; hat, courtesy of Shorty’s Caboy Hattery; and neck wreath Reserve World Champion: Playin Motown and Catelyn Walker Third Place: CD Trinitys Merada and Skylar Duleba