angle-left Joni Monroe Beinborn

Joni Monroe Beinborn

Meet the America's Horse In Art artist.

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After being named the 2017 Signature Artist for America’s Horse in Art Show and receiving the Steel Dust Award from them in 2014, Joni Monroe Beinborn thought life would get back to normal, but that was not the case.

"Just in the last month I have been asked to do three different, very exciting works," says Joni. "I can barely believe it and feel so blessed!"

While commissions take up most of her studio time, her favorite subject is the cowboy’s horse. These paintings featuring American Quarter Horses are her passion.

Joni's work is featured at Kron Natural Images Gallery in Rochester, Minnesota; Ghost Art Gallery in Helena, Montana; and State Street Gallery in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. You can also follow her on Facebook at Joni's Ponies Equine Art or her website