Hard Work & Horse Power

How America Was Built on the Back of a Horse

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The story of America is the tale of a people always on the move.  It is also the story of the continual search to find new and better ways to transport people and goods as dependably and as fast as possible. The story of America begins with the horse. 

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The horse continues to be used for transport and farming in some regions, but in the industrialized world, it is mostly ridden for recreation or kept as a pet.  Humans and horses have had a relationship for millennia, and horses perhaps understand humans in ways we don’t even know.  The horse in the future might carry on a more subtle, complex and ultimately more important kind of relationship with humans than carrying heavy loads or transporting messages over long distances.

Throughout human history, people have loved, owned and ridden horses.  Horses fascinate us; they silently speak to our hearts.  However, in the last few years, something new, and quite extraordinary, has been discovered about the ability of horses to help humans. Along with the number of ways horses are beneficial to the mental and physical well being of humans, they also create a fun sense of community where people can come and connect to nature.  Horses can help people with their everyday life skills as well as helping those in need of rehabilitation. 

Equine assisted activities and therapies for people with physical cognitive and emotional disabilities have evolved over multiple decades.  Studies indicate the movement of riding a horse mimics the motion of walking for people who are unable to do so.  Riding enhances muscle development and overall balance, and more recently psychological benefits of interacting with horses are being studied.

Horses have played a prominent role in mythology, inspired countless books and stories, and served as some of the most beloved family members of people across the globe. Many argue that there is no better example of both gentleness and power in nature, a combination that instantly leaves us feeling lighter in their presence and free to explore the world we live in.  There’s no denying this magical and moving quality they possess.

Something unimaginable and profound occurs when a human begins a meaningful, emotional and interactive relationship with a horse.  Horses have the ability to instantly remind us that, just like them, we inhabit the same planet and share the same fears and desires. Horses help us discover hidden parts of ourselves.  They cause us to become better people, better parents, better partners and better friends.  A horse can be your greatest teacher, for a horse has no ego, he never lies, and he’s never wrong.