Level 2 International Eligibility and Awards


AQHA to recognize International Amateur and Youth Members with the International Level 2 awards.

One Amateur and one Youth Member from each International Affiliate who accumulate the most points between January 1 and December 31 will be named the AQHA International Level 2 and will receive a year end plaque and a trophy belt buckle.




1. To be eligible for the award, the exhibitor cannot have won any AQHA points (in open, youth or amateur) prior to the year of the award.

2. The award is based on points accumulated on a one-horse/one-exhibitor basis and the horse’s ownership must meet the requirements of SHW220, SHW225 and SHW235 of the AQHA Official Handbook.

3. All eligible exhibitors must hold current year Memberships in appropriate divisions (either youth or amateur).

4. Upon receipt of the exhibitor’s first 1/2 point or more, the exhibitor will be notified by AQHA of eligibility. In order to maintain eligibility, the exhibitor must return the notification letter with signature verifying birth date.

5. All ties will be broken in the following order:

A. To the person winning points in the greatest number of events.

B. To the person with the greatest number of wins.

C. To the person who earned their last point first.

Example: The person who earned their 50th point in March would win over the person who earned their 50th point in May.