Montana Silversmiths

Since 1973, Montana Silversmiths has pioneered the development of Western fashion in both buckles and jewelry.

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Montana Silversmiths is known for authenticity and skilled craftsmanship, which is fueled by a passion for the Western Lifestyle, translated through silver artistry in their sought-after buckles and jewelry.

Montana Silversmith designers are inspired by the natural beauty of that state of Montana, and use the art of engraving to bring to life the storytelling Montana Silversmiths is known for. Perfecting the art of the buckle through Silver Artistry design elements are integrated into each piece and are masterfully engraved into brilliant lines of storytelling.
Every buckle has a story, for AQHA competitors, these award buckles will tell the story of hard work and dedication. Each AQHA buckle is proudly made in the USA, crafted as a personalized tribute to the champion and their equine partner who earn them. We are proud to not only offer quality crafted award buckles showcasing silver artistry but also AQHA licensed products available for purchase for each member to show their pride and support of the organization.  

Montana Silversmiths understands that behind every champion is a story of purpose, preparation, and commitment. Montana Silversmiths is proud to reflect these characteristics for champions at every level through their People, Products, Programs, and Partnerships. 

Montana Silversmiths is celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2023 and are honored to be the Official Silversmiths of the American Quarter Horse Association, as well as an Official Licensed Partner for the AQHA by proudly crafting products made in the USA; world class buckles and jewelry to share with AQHA members around the globe.

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