Stomach Ulcers in Horses

Stomach ulcers can be a hidden cause of poor performance in horses.
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Learn the causes, signs and treatments of stomach ulcers, a common problem in horses.

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, ulcerations have been found to affect 90 percent of racehorses. Their demanding conditioning routines and travel are just two sources of stress that can lead to ulcers.

The FREE Stomach Ulcers in Horses report dives deep into the issues of this condition that’s more common than you might think.

You’ll learn:

  • Causes
  • Signs
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

Horses are unique grazing animals as they only have one stomach compared to other grazing animals, or ruminants, which have four stomachs. The structure of the equine stomach is more sensitive, especially in the upper portion of the stomach, which is where most ulcers are found. The FREE Stomach Ulcers in Horses report explains the biology of the equine digestive tract and why it is more prone to ulcers than other species.

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