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This magazine is mailed biannually to American Quarter Horse Journal subscribers.
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The award-winning American Quarter Horse Journal combines the three magazines into one: the Journal, Performance Horse Journal and Ranch Horse Journal. 

The Ranch Horse Journal section appears in four issues of the Journal: January, March, June and September. The printed Ranch Horse Journal magazine is mailed in May and August to current Journal subscribers along with their regular issue of the Journal. 

The Ranch Horse Journal provides coverage of important AQHA and affiliate ranch events, profiles on ranchers and ranching exhibitors, articles on training and health of ranch horses and much more. 

If you'd like to receive printed Ranch Horse Journal content, subscribe to the Journal. You can also access and receive all the digital Ranch Horse Journal content; all you need to do is be a current AQHA member. Make sure your email address is up to date so you can receive the content as it becomes available.


August 2019

  • Golden State Production: This ranch uses innovation and management to make it work
  • Crowning Achievements: Meet this year's AQHA VRH World champions
  • Drag Safely
  • The Legend: Old Sorrel 
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