Tattoos and Tattooers

Prior to race entry, all American Quarter Horses must be tattooed by an AQHA representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are horses tattooed?
Tattoos are an additional means of identification of a racehorse. They are used along with the horse's markings, color, age and sex. The horse identifier at the racetrack verifies that each horse entered in a race matches this information as recorded on its official AQHA registration certificate.

Which horses are required to be tattooed?
Prior to race entry, all American Quarter Horses must be tattooed by an AQHA representative.

Are there any requirements that must be met before I can have my horse tattooed?
Beginning with American Quarter Horses foaled in 1992, all foals must be DNA genotyped and parentage verified before they can be tattooed.

I received a DNA genotype sticker to attach to my horse's registration papers. Is that all I need to do before having it tattooed?
No, the DNA genotyping is only the first step. You must also have requested that AQHA parentage verify the horse. In this second step, the foal's genotype is compared at the lab with the genotypes of the sire and dam. Once it is determined that they are a match, the registration papers will be reissued with "Parentage Verified" printed across the front on existing papers. On new AQHA registration certificates, "Parentage Verified" is printed center bottom on the front of the certificate. If a registration certificate was issued prior to parentage verification, you need to return the original certificate before an updated certificate is issued.

What will it cost to tattoo my horse?
The fee for tattooing the American Quarter Horse is $100, of which $25 is reimbursed to the tattooer.  (On January 1, 2015, this fee was increased) Checks or money orders should be made payable to AQHA.  AQHA is not responsible for checks that are made payable to the tattooers.

What if a tattooer tells me I owe more than $100?
The tattooer is not authorized by AQHA to charge any additional charges other than the $100 tattoo fee.

Where are the tattoo numbers recorded?
The tattooer will record the tattoo number, the tattoo date and his name on the horse's registration certificate. On AQHA's new registration certificates, the tattoo information will be recorded on the back. Tattoo numbers are also recorded in AQHA's database as a part of each horse's permanent record. Should a horse be lost or stolen, it can be identified via the tattoo and the last recorded owner can be notified by cross-references in the AQHA database.

How do I find or contact a tattooer?
Many of the tattooers provide the racetracks with a schedule of when and where they will be tattooing. A tentative schedule is also available on AQHA's website under the Calendars/Schedules heading. Some of the tattooers will make appointments to meet the customer at a farm or ranch, if there are enough horses available to be tattooed. Tattooers set their own schedules and are not required to be available daily. You may also contact the AQHA Racing Department at (806) 378-4365.  Below is a current list of tattooers.

Can a horse that is not going to race be tattooed?
Yes. This can be arranged with the tattooer. It can be done in the same manner as the racehorses if the horse is parentage verified. If the horse is not parentage verified, it may still be tattooed. However, the number used should be different from the numbers included in the AQHA-issued tattoo report books. The tattooing may be done by the AQHA tattooer or by a veterinarian chosen by the customer. The number may be selected by the customer, tattooer or veterinarian. In these cases, the number can be recorded on the AQHA registration certificate as an additional marking such as when a brand is recorded. There will not be a cross reference in the AQHA database for this type of tattoo.

Who can I contact if I have a complaint with a tattooer?
Direct complaints about a tattooer to the AQHA Racing Department at (806) 378-4365. 

Schedule of AQHA Tattooers and Identifiers

Because the schedule is subject to change, please call the tattooer/identifier at each racetrack to ensure the correct dates and times. Remember, tattooers may tattoo according to their own schedules and are not required to be available seven days a week.If you have any questions or concerns, call the AQHA Racing Department at (806) 378-4365.

REMINDER: All foals born in 1992 or later must be DNA genotyped and parentage verified prior to being tattooed.

Rillito Park / Yavapai Downs / Turf Paradise  - By appointment
Area Farms - By appointment
Lee Peterson - (602) 882-7593

Fairplex and Northern Fair meets - By appointment 
Gary Greiner - (707) 291-7578
Los Alamitos and farms -By appointment
Jason L Hart - (714) 357-4278

Arapahoe Park - By appointment
Trevor Rushton - (719) 691-4543

Tampa Bay - By appointment
Patrick Bovenzi - (813) 240-0132
Available November through April only
Hialeah Park / Area Farms
David Reinshuttle - (954) 290-2545
Available by appointment

Fair Meets/Pocatello - By appointment
Gem County Fair/Les Bois Park/Rupert - By appointment
Dave Wheeler  - (208) 538-7170

Arlington Park/Fairmount Park - By appointment
Contact AQHA at 806-378-4365

Indiana Downs/Area Farms - By appointment
Mandy Green - (859) 309-4227

Prairie Meadows - By appointment
Travis Skarpness - (515) 490-3580

Eureka Downs , The Woodlands  - By appointment
Jerry Banks - (918) 224-6506

Fair Grounds/Delta Downs/Evangeline Downs - By appointment
Justin Carrier - (337) 274-6201
Louisiana Downs - By appointment
Jerry Engle  - (318) 949-8560

Hazel Park /Area Farms  -  By appointment
David Bryan - 419-670-3691

Canterbury Park/Area Farms - By appointment
Victor Hanson - (605) 222-9698

Montana Fairs/ Yellowstone Downs - By appointment
Contact AQHA at (806) 378-4365

Elko County Fair, White Pine Raceway - By appointment
Area Farms - By appointment
Jerry Richins - (435) 232-4333

The Downs at Albuquerque/Sunray Park - By appointment
Jesus Garcia - (915) 727-4036
Ruidoso Downs /Sunland Park/Zia Park  - By appointment
Cenobio Sainz - (915) 490-1335

North Dakota Horse Park/Chippewa Downs -  By appointment
Contact AQHA at (806) 378-4365

Beulah Park/River Downs - By appointment 
Contact AQHA at (806) 378-4365

Blue Ribbon Downs / Will Rogers Downs - By appointment
Oklahoma Farms - Joel Cusimano -  (405) 714-6505
Area Farms - Josh VanOort - (515) 418-0101
Fair Meadows / Remington Park / Ross Meadows - By appointment
Jerry Banks  - (918) 224-6506

Portland Meadows / Grants Pass Downs / Fair Meets - By appointment
Vernon Baze - (253) 670-6214

County Fair Meets/Ft. Pierre - By appointment
Skip Moody - (605) 999-2303

Gillespie Co. Fair 
Contact AQHA - (806) 378-4365
Lone Star Park/Manor Downs/Sam Houston Race Park - By appointment
Rex Hardy - (254) 722-8436
Retama Park and Area Farms - By appointment
Amber Doege - (210) 363-7428
Farms - South - By appointment
Debbie Wilkinson - (361) 348-2716  or Glen Wilkinson - (361) 348-2660
Odessa, Lubbock, Area Farms - By appointment
Marty Wells - (325) 656-5680

Laurel Brown/Dixie Downs/Weber Downs/Area Farms - By appointment
Jerry Richins - (435) 232-4333

Fair Meets/Sun Downs/Emerald Downs - By appointment
Vern Baze - (253) 670-6214

Wyoming Downs - By appointment
Jim Stoker - (307) 887-2688


Lethbridge, Grande Prairie - By appointment  
Howard Jesse - (403) 795-1850

British Columbia
Kamloops - By appointment
Butch McDonald  - (250) 377-0098

Rossburn Parkland Downs/Assiniboia Downs/Queensbury Downs/Yorkton Exhibition/Marquis Downs - By appointment
Blair Anderson - (306) 554-5510 or (306) 554-7720

Ajax Downs - By appointment
Sean Slater - (905) 953-5423


Hipodromo De Las Americas - By appointment
Daniel Hernandez - 011-5255-5397-8845