WPC Entry Process

Additional entry information, including the 3-year-old western pleasure stakes entry form will be available soon!

  1. The Zimeta 3-year-old western pleasure stakes entry form must be completed to be considered for the WPC.  On the entry form, you will: 1) declare your additional entries to count toward the WPC; and 2) identify the exhibitor as L2 or L3.

  2. An entry payment of $400 is due by September 15, 2020, for the 3-year-old stakes. Of this amount, $300 is returned to the purse.

  3. Enter your 2-year-old, and/or junior L2 or L3 western pleasure, and/or senior L2 or L3 western pleasure WPC horse via the normal AQHA World Show entry process. Those entries are due September 15, 2020.

  4. Refund of any and all entry fees paid follows the AQHA World Show entry policy.