Lifetime Honor Roll

Your generosity is pivotal to the American Quarter Horse Foundation’s success in developing and maintaining programs that enrich the lives of people and horses. Recognizing your contributions is an important part of expressing our gratitude and demonstrating how your efforts inspire others to join in supporting the work of the Foundation. 

Beginning this year, the American Quarter Horse Foundation will recognize donors by their lifetime contributions. We feel this more appropriately acknowledges your generosity as well as the impact of your giving over time. Therefore, we will no longer publish the donor recognition list quarterly in our newsletter, but will recognize donors annually in the Foundation’s Annual Report.

Lifetime Giving of $1,000 or more as of December 31, 2015

($1,000,000 or more)

  • Bank of America
  • Kenneth and Laina P. Banks
  • The Burnett Foundation
  • Carl & Caroline Swanson Foundation
  • Charles B. Wang Foundation
  • Dogwood Foundation
  • Margaret A. Haines Estate
  • Dr. Joni J. Hegel
  • Arthur E. and Catherine Nicholas
  • Clarence Scharbauer Jr.*

Supreme Champion
($500,000 - $999,999)

  • Amon G. Carter Foundation
  • GMC Truck Division
  • JEH Stallion Station, James E. and Marilyn Helzer
  • Penelope P. Knight
  • Bar G Feedyard, Johnny and Jana Trotter

($250,000 - $499,999)

  • The 1687 Foundation
  • J & L Ranch, John and Linda Andreini
  • Bayer Animal Health
  • Larry and Ellen Bell
  • Dellora A. & Lester J. Norris Foundation
  • Farnam Companies Inc.
  • Fleshman-Pratt Foundation
  • Ford Motor Co.
  • Douglas Israelsen
  • Justin Boot Co.
  • John L. and Anne B. Windfohr Marion
  • Markel Insurance Co.
  • Mark A. and Rebecca Anne Pine
  • The R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
  • Erik and Frieda M. Roen
  • The Walton Family Foundation Inc.
  • William R. and Joan Verdugo Estate
  • Wrangler

($100,000 - $249,999)

  • 3 Cowgirls & An Outlaw LLC
  • Amarillo Chamber of Commerce
  • Amarillo National BankFOM
  • Arizona Quarter Horse Association
  • James and Doris Barton
  • Brian R. and Kara K. Bell
  • Matthew C. and Ann Bell
  • Buick Motor Division
  • Joan Cain
  • Charles* and Linda Cline
  • The Cofrancesco Family
  • Diana L. Day-Cartee
  • The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation
  • Kenneth M. and Trish Green
  • Bo-Bett Farm, Carol A. Harris
  • Peter M. and Julianna Hawn Holt
  • Cecilia May Hylton
  • Jackson Land and Cattle Co.
  • Horse Patch Farms, Jack and Mildred Janowitz*
  • Toni Kawulok
  • Jerry and Carmen Kimmel
  • Lee Berwick Foundation
  • Paul Lindsey Jr.
  • MCI Worldcom
  • Russell W. 'Rusty' and Kay E. Moody
  • Nutrena
  • Main River Quarter Horses Inc., Johannes and Astrid Orgeldinger
  • Paws Up Foundation
  • Tim and Lou Petty
  • Terry and Louise* Profughi
  • Ray and Bonnie Roles
  • Carol Rose
  • Anne Valliant Burnett Tandy*
  • Garry* and Mary Bess Woodruff

Register of Merit
($50,000 - $99,999)

  • American Association of Equine Practitioners
  • Hugh L. Bennett Estate
  • Angelo and Suzette Bizzarro
  • Robert E. and Judy Blakeman
  • Bobby Booth*
  • Bill and Sue Brewer
  • Brown Printing Co.
  • Marshall R. Chesrown
  • Coyote Rock Ranch
  • A.H. 'Bud' * and Virginia Ferber
  • Filly-Tac
  • J.R. Fulp Jr.
  • Georgia Quarter Horse Association
  • Bruce and Kathalyn Green
  • Bob and Carmen Grimes
  • Blue Ribbon Custom Tack, Vernon H. and Rita K. Habighorst
  • Deborah Hearst
  • Joan Crews Hoyt
  • R.D. and Joan Dale Hubbard
  • Ben L. and Christine Hudson
  • Mark and Katherine Hug
  • Walter T.* and Nancy S. Hughes
  • Jeep Corp./Chrysler Motors
  • John Deere
  • Kentucky Quarter Horse Association
  • Lillian Spang Rath Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • Frank and Robin Merrill
  • The Nicholas Fund at The San Diego Foundation
  • Ohio Quarter Horse Association
  • Oklahoma Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Bruce and Jackie L. Payne
  • George W. and Lisa Perry
  • B.F. Phillips Jr.*
  • Gerri Leigh Pratt
  • Professional Auction Services Inc.
  • Professional's Choice Inc.
  • Katherine E. Redding
  • Pete A. Scarmardo
  • R.H. 'Steve' and Kay Stevens
  • Jacque J. Tanton
  • Brad and Ann Tate
  • Roy H. Traylor Estate
  • Vessels Stallion Farm LLC
  • Warner Ranch
  • Howard R. and Phyllis G. Weiss
  • Western Heritage Sale
  • Jerry and Pat Windham

($25,000 - $49,999)

  • 6666 Ranch
  • S.J. Agnew Estate
  • Herbert A. Allen
  • American Airlines
  • B & W Trailer Hitches
  • Carl G. Ballew*
  • Sally C. Bauer
  • Paul Davis and Maggie Bellville
  • Frank G. and Linda A. Berris
  • Best of The Remudas
  • Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation
  • Burnett Ranches Ltd.
  • Don* and Ardys F. Burt
  • Casner Family Foundation
  • City of Amarillo
  • Patricia L. ‘Pat’ Clements
  • John P. Collins Jr. Estate
  • Cowan Select Horses LLC
  • Bobby D. and Leona Cox
  • Credit Bureau-Amarillo/Panhandle
  • Paul Curtner*
  • E. Paul and Helen Buck Waggoner Foundation Inc.
  • ES Management LLC
  • Fields Family Foundation
  • First United Bank
  • Walter and Pat Fletcher
  • Florida Quarter Horse Association
  • L.R. French Jr.
  • C.T. Fuller*
  • Bob A. and Jerry Anne Gaston
  • E.B. and Rosemary Gee
  • Dr. Charles W. and Nancy Graham
  • Elaine Hall
  • J.W. Kieckhefer Foundation
  • Patricia H. Johnson
  • Kentucky Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Robert H. Kieckhefer Estate
  • King Ranch Inc.
  • Robert J. Kleberg Jr.
  • Stephen J. 'Tio' and Janell Kleberg
  • Harry A. and Julie A. Knight
  • Tom and Leslie Lange
  • Lee and Alma M. Liles
  • Los Alamitos Race Course
  • The Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation
  • Robbie Kelly and Melinda Mayes-Kelly
  • Lucky B. Manufacturing Inc., Richard Larry and Janice McDonald
  • William S. 'Billy' Morris III
  • Motev Stables/Tsilina Motev
  • Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy
  • North Carolina Quarter Horse Association
  • Peek and Alice W. Owen
  • Paws Up Ranch
  • Montgomery Lee Petty
  • Jill Revelson Estate
  • Peacock Farm Inc., Willard A. and Claire Rhodes
  • Mike G. Rutherford
  • Scottsdale Charros
  • Patsy Anne and Sam S. Smith
  • D. Barry Stone
  • Robert Q. Sutherland*
  • Tex Tan Western Leather Co.
  • John W. and Sherrye L. Trafton
  • Don and Robbyn Treadway
  • Mary L. Urschel Estate
  • Washington State Quarter Horse Association
  • Louis A. and Wanda Waters
  • The Wheless Foundation
  • Francie Whittenburg
  • Paris Wixon
  • Dr. John G. Yost*
  • Zoetis

($10,000 - $24,999)

  • Edward C. Allred
  • Amarillo Credit Association
  • American Quarter Horse Racetrack Association
  • Glenn F. Jack* and Lynn Anderson
  • Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation
  • Arizona Quarter Horse Breeders Association
  • Arizona Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Sandra K. Arledge
  • Henry* and Bobbie Arnold Atkinson
  • The B. Gill Clements Foundation
  • Amy Doris Bell Estate
  • Bell HelicopterFOM
  • Richard D.* and Karen Bingham
  • Bird Ranch, Charles Allen* and Kay Bird
  • Tom and Julie BivinsFOM
  • Dr. F. Robert and Marrita S. Black
  • 7 Bar Ranch, Linda Eppes and Stephanie Black
  • Dr. Glenn and Karen Blodgett
  • J.D.* and Connie Blondin
  • Mark and Shelley Brazill
  • Breyer / Reeves International
  • Captain Stanley I. Broughton, USN (Ret)
  • Henry E. and Mimi Brown
  • Rob and Peggy Brown
  • Brumberger Foundation Inc.
  • Larry E. Bryson
  • Rick and Lori Bucholz
  • C.C. Burgess*
  • Burnett Ranches LLC
  • Burns Family Foundation
  • Bussing-Koch Foundation Inc.
  • Gary and Marian K. Carpenter
  • Ronnie and Hannah M. Casper
  • Sherry L. Cowan
  • Casey and Jane Blair Darnell*
  • Deerwood Farms Ltd.
  • Delta Downs Racing Office
  • Chris and Kimberly W. Dey
  • Pamela Doddridge
  • Dr. Kent Roberts and Ilene Roberts Balliett Foundation
  • Gwendolyn Eaves*
  • Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation
  • Granada Farms, James M. and Debbie Eller
  • Empire State Quarter Horse Association
  • Endeavor Publications Inc. dba The Equine Chronicle
  • Ginny Estes
  • Fairly Group
  • First National Bank
  • Catherine A. Freede
  • Albert J. and Melinda Penney Gamot
  • South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa, Michael Gaughan
  • Natalie and Ed Gaylord
  • Joseph D. Geeslin
  • Robert A. Gentry*
  • Klein and Karen Gilhousen
  • Antonio Aleardo and Irma Giraudini
  • Gold Creations
  • Gene* and Barbara Graves
  • Helen K. Groves
  • Heberto and Lia Gutierrez
  • Butch and Wyetta Hammer
  • Wesley and Tracey A. Hatakeyama
  • Steve and Kathy Headley
  • Heritage Place Inc.
  • Dan and Alice Holmes*
  • Ed H. Honnen*
  • Suzanne Fielder Hoseman
  • Indiana Quarter Horse Association
  • Indiana Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Mike Ingram
  • Rick C. and Marcia L. Johns
  • Susan K. Johns
  • Kate Lehane Johnson
  • Josephine Anderson Charitable Trust
  • C.H. Ketcham*
  • Evelyn Kruse*
  • Kyle Ranch, Pete and Tamra Kyle
  • Fritz and Carole A. Leeman
  • Dr. Tom R. and Erin Lenz
  • David and Nadine Lipson
  • Lone Star Park @ Grand Prairie
  • Joseph H. McAllister
  • Michael B. and Cee Cee McDonald
  • Mike McMillian
  • MD Enterprises Inc.
  • Metro Golf Cars
  • Mississippi Quarter Horse Association
  • Missouri Quarter Horse Association
  • Lynn D. Moore
  • Scott and Leslie Myers
  • National Cutting Horse Association
  • National Reining Breeders Classic Inc.
  • National Snaffle Bit Association
  • Frank C. and Suzanne Nelms
  • Nevada Quarter Horse Association
  • Buddy and Patty Newsome
  • North American Equine Ranching Information Council
  • Dr. Gerald A.* and Margaret O'Connor
  • Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association
  • The Oklahoman Foundation
  • Gary Lynn Olson
  • The Outfit
  • AGR Breeding Inc., Michael and Judy L. Ovitz
  • Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association
  • Ted and Janet Parker
  • Pat and Gill Clements Foundation
  • Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association
  • Laura Pinelli
  • Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon
  • Pitchfork Land and Cattle Co.
  • Professional Horsemen's Council
  • The Remuda Sale
  • Donald and Don Ritzenthaler
  • Robert & Julie Day Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
  • Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association
  • Roger Lawrence and Associates
  • Royal Palm Ranch Ltd.
  • Everett and Marilyn Salley*
  • Donald Schneider
  • Stanley Schneider
  • Schneider Saddlery
  • Stanley and Susan Scott
  • Ralph and Connie Seekins
  • Perry Shankle*
  • Jerry and Lynda Shoemake
  • Silver Lining Farms
  • Chris and Dayton Sitz
  • Southern Nevada Quarter Horse Association
  • Eric Storey
  • Stuart Ranch Co.
  • Homer R. and Cookie Stude
  • J.H. Taylor*
  • John and Carolyn Taylor
  • The Tecumseh Foundation
  • Texas Quarter Horse Association Race Committee
  • Katherine K. and G.W. Tobin
  • Trafton Printing Inc.
  • Joe B. Turner Jr.*
  • Underwood Law Firm
  • Universal Trailer Corp. Sooner and Exiss Trailer
  • Mildred N. Vessels*
  • Barry Denton and Laurel Walker-Denton
  • Greg and Kelly R. Wheat
  • White Diamond Ranch
  • J. Marvin Willhite
  • Larry and Rosemary Yates

($5,000 - $9,999)

  • Ted and Dolores Abrams
  • Gerry and Tracy Leanne Adams
  • Alaska State Quarter Horse Association
  • Amarillo Bankers Association
  • Amarillo Globe-News
  • Dorothy and Thomas L. Anderson
  • Sheila Asher
  • Debora and William J. Bachschmidt
  • Backyard Adventures
  • Barrick Foundation
  • Rick Baugh
  • Don F. Bell Sr.
  • Clayton I. Bennett
  • Daniela Bernabeu
  • Black Creek Crossing Inc.
  • BNSF Foundation
  • Robert L. Boniface*
  • Marion J. 'Jack' Borchers
  • Tom Boyer
  • Eric Brauss
  • Debby Brehm
  • British Columbia Quarter Horse Association
  • Broken Horn Inc.
  • David E. and Meg Brown
  • Browning-Kimball Foundation
  • Olive Bugbee
  • Page and Annette ButlerFOM
  • Bruce L. and Trish Carter
  • Bill and Susan Casner
  • Lon and Becky Chaney
  • W.E. 'Bill' Chaney*
  • Dr. R.M. and Linda L. Christensen
  • Circle Bar Ranch
  • Circle Y Ranch
  • Arlyne C. Clark
  • Marten A. and Jody Clark
  • Patti L. Colbert
  • Computerland of Amarillo
  • John Coon
  • Cowboy Tack Inc.
  • Gerold Dautzenberg
  • Wayne and Judy Davis
  • Drysdales
  • Kevin T. and Melissa H. Dukes
  • Al and Becky Dunning
  • Lynne M. DuPont
  • Jack and Suzanne Edwards
  • El Dorado Holdings Inc.
  • C.W. 'Bill' and Roxy Englund
  • Bill Esposito
  • Mary Masterson Fain*
  • First Financial Bankshares Inc.
  • David and Laura Fisher
  • Steve M and Wilma Fleming
  • Narciso and Bonnie Flores
  • Florida Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Cam and Lisa Foreman
  • Rod and Conni Foreman
  • Christopher F. and Marlene Fowler
  • Frank MacDonald Family
  • Friends of W.R. Murfin
  • Joe Kirk Fulton*
  • Fulton Quien Sabe Ranches LP
  • The Funny Farm Inc.
  • Dr. Cyril Gaum*
  • General Office Supply Inc.
  • G.W. Golden*
  • Gary and Linda Gordon
  • Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce
  • Drs. James C. Heird and Eleanor M. Green
  • Scott and Nancy Gulick
  • H.T. Johnson and Red J. Ranch
  • Garnis Hagen
  • Hall of Fame Benefit Circuit
  • David J. Halliburton
  • Doug and Chris Hardcastle
  • Harry MacRoberts and Ginny Harding
  • Arthur A. Harkness
  • Melville H. Haskell
  • Dr. Bill and Delores Hatch
  • Kristina K. Helzer
  • Casady M. Henry
  • Lee Hensen
  • The Herd Collection
  • Carolyn Hudnell
  • Hugh Huntley
  • Robert D. and Jane Huver
  • Ginger and James Hyland
  • Illinois Quarter Horse Association
  • Richard B. and Christine F. Iott
  • Iowa Quarter Horse Association
  • Italian Quarter Horse Association
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Rukin Jelks Jr.
  • Loyd A. Jinkens
  • Gordon F. and Penny Jumonville
  • J.E. and Bunny Jumonville
  • Kansas Quarter Horse Racing Association
  • Houston and Charlotte Kauffman
  • Abigail K. Kawananakoa
  • Charlotte Parks Kimberlin
  • Walt and Janice E. Knorpp
  • Chip and LuAnn Knost
  • Tommy and Karen Latta
  • Lazy E Ranch Inc.
  • Legendary Commemoratives
  • Lowdon Family Foundation
  • Elaine Ludwig
  • Dixie Lee Luebcke
  • D. Wayne Lukas
  • Mark Marley
  • Matador Cattle Co.
  • MAXOR National Pharmacy Services Corp.
  • John L.* and Sue H. May
  • Juanita McConville
  • Dr. Duane and Beverly McDavitt
  • Lee McLean Jr.
  • Richard B. and Heidi McNair
  • Dan and Carol L. McWhirter
  • Mercedes Boot Co.
  • Mississippi Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Shannon Mitchell
  • Orren Mixer*
  • Montana Quarter Horse Association
  • Jared Morris
  • Phillip E. and Ann R. Myers
  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
  • National Equine Sales
  • National Thoroughbred Racing Association
  • Nebraska Quarter Horse Association
  • New Jersey Quarter Horse Association
  • Shelly Nielsen
  • Barbara and Duane Noble
  • Robert C. 'Bob' and Jane W.* Norris
  • Oklahoma State Fair Inc.
  • Katie Lane O'Neal
  • Ontario Quarter Horse Association
  • Oregon Quarter Horse Association
  • Gunnar R. and Carol Beth Otness and Shelley Graham
  • Jeri Pabst* and Lori Pabst-Pfaff
  • Paradise Foundation
  • Martha Parks
  • L.M. Pearce Jr.*
  • Harriett Peckham*
  • Mike J. and Beth Perkins
  • Brenda and Jerry Peterman
  • Lori and Bob Pfaff
  • Phillips Ranch
  • Lynn Piper
  • Puget Sound Quarter Horse
  • Jay* and Betty Pumphrey
  • Dr. Jeff L. and Allison Pumphrey
  • Quarter Horse Association of Alberta
  • Quarter Till Farm
  • Bill Reed*
  • Vance Reed
  • Region 6 AQHA Affiliates
  • Resistol Hats
  • Frank and Marilyn Richardson
  • Keith and Roberta Richardson
  • John C. Richmond
  • Ross and Sharon Roark
  • Leanne Bovet Roberts Estate
  • Darol and Karen S. Rodrock
  • Alex and Berleen Ross
  • Ruidoso Downs Racing Inc.
  • Ted Rushing
  • Lynn Fawcett Russell
  • Sparks Rust Jr.*
  • Chris and La Vonne Scharbauer
  • Thomas J. and Patricia A. Scheckel
  • Robbie and Joan Schroeder
  • Schroeder Ranch
  • Blane Schvaneveldt*
  • Thomas R. Scott
  • John E. and Lee Scruggs
  • Silver Dollar Circuit
  • Billy L. and Mindy Smith
  • Kenneth T. and Patsy S. Smith
  • Jim and Georgia Snow
  • David B. and Leslie L. Sogge
  • Sooner Trailers/Bob Mandal
  • South Carolina Quarter Horse Association
  • South Central Nebraska Quarter Horse Association
  • South Dakota Quarter Horse Association
  • Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show
  • Sandra D. Sowell
  • Stan and Gerry Sigman Foundation
  • Red and Gail Steagall
  • Straight Arrow Products Inc.
  • Systems Peripheral/Q H Shayna
  • Texas Quarter Horse Association
  • Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Tongue River Ranch
  • Lance R. and Beth Treptow
  • Trophy Tack Co.
  • Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
  • Arthur F. Vancore
  • Frank 'Scoop' Vessels III*
  • Virginia Quarter Horse Association Inc.
  • W.T. Waggoner Estate
  • M.W. Sales & Service Inc., Mary E. Wagner
  • Duane W. and Arva Jo Walker
  • Charles R. Ware
  • Jim and Carolyn Ware
  • Jerry* and Betty Wells
  • Martha F. 'Mimi' Wells
  • Eddie and La Donna Wilkinson
  • Eugene F. Williams Jr.*
  • Jeff Williams
  • Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association
  • Merle Edward and Ann Ellen Wood*
  • Woodcraft By MacDonald
  • Bill Woodruff*
  • The W.S. and Ann Atherton Foundation
  • Xcel Energy

($2,500 - $4,999)

  • Ted G. Abrams
  • Teddy Abrams Jr.
  • Alabama Quarter Horse Association
  • E.F. 'Bud' and Madonna Alderson*
  • Don Amos
  • Lloyd K. Lunsford and Beth R. Antenucci
  • Terri Arington
  • Arizona Quarter Racing Association
  • Arkansas Quarter Horse Association
  • Gus Barakis Jr.
  • Mark Bayer
  • Dwayne Beck*
  • Ken and Ira Beck
  • Beggs Cattle Co.
  • Don and Joetta Leeanne Bell
  • Fred W. and Vickie Benker
  • Big Cheese Golf Team
  • Darrell L. and Barbara A. Bilke
  • Mark and Ellen Bivins
  • Carolyn Blackwell
  • Johanne Blodgett
  • Bob and Sharon Gordon
  • Terry L. and Ethel A. Bosserman
  • Thomas H. and Margaret E. Bradbury
  • M.O. 'Bud'* and Sharon Breeding
  • Jean Brooks
  • Katherine and Richard Brumberger
  • Laura Bucholz
  • Bubba and Nancy Cahill
  • Jim Bret and Teri Campbell
  • Danny and Tammy Canida
  • Michael and Barbara G. Cannizzo
  • Don C. Chiappetti, D.D.S.
  • Spencer L. Childers*
  • Dr. Howard Harper and Diane Chilton-Moore
  • Circle Y Brand
  • Philip V. Clark
  • Marilyn Cline
  • Cloud Canyon Ranch
  • Chili Cole*
  • Connecticut Quarter Horse Association
  • Bill and Cindy Cosentino
  • Cowboy Roundup U.S.A.
  • L.B. 'Bud' Cox III*
  • Gordon W. Crone*
  • Linda M. Davis
  • Bob and Julie Day
  • Delaware Quarter Horse Association
  • Deutsche Quarter Horse Association
  • J. Allen and Anne Dick
  • Johne Dobbs
  • Don and Kathleen B. 'Kathy' Dodson
  • George and Gayle Doering
  • Alan D. Donnell, D.V.M.
  • Peg Edmondson
  • Ruth Kathleen Elmore
  • Dianne Eppers
  • William Ernst
  • Sandra Erwin
  • Wayne Evridge*
  • Constantine J.* and June Ferrante
  • C. David 'Dave' and JoAnne Flohr
  • Folck Insurance
  • Mark and Gina Fowlkes
  • Tony and Diane Freeman
  • Fresno County Quarter Horse Association
  • Fuchs Ranch
  • G.W. Golden Ranches Ltd.
  • Belts By Herb, Herb and Ginny Gansheimer
  • James and Lisa Gardner
  • Richard Christopher Gill
  • June Goluba
  • Thomas E. and Barbara D. Gonzalez
  • Gordon MacDonald Family
  • Madison Tudor Graves
  • Great Western Distributing Co.
  • Hat 6 Ranch, Walter and Jocelyn McAlpine Greeman
  • Marscha Griffin
  • Matthew Grodzins
  • Stephanie Grogg
  • Jack F. and Susan K. Grove
  • Linda Gunderson
  • Jess L. Hankins*
  • Gordon* and M. Janice Hannagan
  • John R. and Toni Hardy
  • Kay Harris
  • Russell and Brook Harris
  • Denny and Dana Hassett
  • Ann Hathaway
  • Haythorn Land and Cattle Co.
  • Paul R. and Chloe Held
  • Alma Hile Estate
  • Hobby Horse Clothing Co.
  • Clay Holmes
  • Frank* and Lena Howell
  • Rene A. and Darlene Hunderup
  • Don Hunt
  • Alan and Decata Isbell
  • Joe and Suzy Jeane
  • Jim and Mavis Jennings
  • The Jockey Club Info Systems Inc.
  • Ed Johnson Jr.
  • Don and Virginia Jones
  • Edmund and Candace Jussen
  • Kansas Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Kansas Quarter Horse Association
  • Julia Kauffman
  • James F. Kelly
  • Billy and Roberta Klapper
  • Amy J. Kristoff
  • Terry L. and Sarah N. Kunkle
  • Estate of C.A. 'Chuck' Lakin
  • Connie M. Lane
  • Langer Equestrian Group
  • Mehl Lawson
  • Lawton Ranch
  • Jack T. Le Croy*
  • Let's Go Travel
  • Jud Little
  • Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association
  • Clay E. and Elizabeth W. MacLeod
  • Shawn T. and Rhonda Magee
  • The Mahoney Group
  • Ronald E. and Jo Ellen Marshall
  • Connie L. Marvik
  • Maryland State Quarter Horse Association
  • Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association
  • Carl and Pam McBeath
  • Barbara S. McKnight
  • Rita G. McMullen
  • Edward J. and Von Zae McNelis
  • Lannie Louise Mecom
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Menker
  • Jennifer C. Merrill
  • Robert R. and Kathy Mezin
  • Microsoft Matching Gifts
  • Millcraft Drywall Inc.
  • Miller's Harness Inc.
  • Minnesota Quarter Horse Association
  • R.F. 'Dick'* and Brenda Monahan
  • Montana Silversmiths
  • Dick Montgomery*
  • Rachel Montgomery
  • Don and Carol Moore
  • Bob and Linda S. Moorhouse
  • Andrea 'Andy' Moorman
  • C.R. Morrison
  • Harry D. Mullins*
  • Kenneth Munsell
  • Jon Murphy
  • National Cable & Telecom Association
  • National Pleasure Horse Foundation
  • Nebraska Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Alan and Kay Needle
  • New York Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Newell Coach Corp.
  • Northeast Kansas Quarter Horse Association
  • Northeastern Nevada Quarter Horse Association
  • Robert and Karen Nunnally
  • Nancy O'Keefe
  • Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce
  • Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association
  • Oregon Quarter Horse Racing Association
  • Oxbow Ranch
  • Jeri Pabst*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Pabst
  • Lew W. and Kerry K. Papendick
  • Gene A. Parker
  • Don and Susan Pennau
  • Jo Anne Perlich
  • Palomino Horse Breeders of America Youth Scholarship & Educational Fund
  • Chad, Ben and Will Pierce
  • John and Kenda Pipkin
  • Ida Jo Price
  • Linda L. Pritchett
  • Quarter Horse Racing Association of  Indiana
  • William Radobenko
  • Dee and Betty Raper
  • Morris G. Reaves
  • David Reeder
  • Jim Reno*
  • William Reynolds
  • Ron Richardson
  • Jude and Regina Robicheaux
  • Robin Glenn Pedigrees Inc.
  • Cathy Lawrence Robinson
  • Royal Vista Equine Inc.
  • Ruidoso Downs
  • Rushing Family Foundation Inc.
  • Skip and Carol Salome
  • Sam Houston Race Park
  • Bennie T. and Cheryllee Sargent
  • Select The Best
  • Shelton Ranches
  • Jim J. and Rita Shoemake
  • Silver State Quarter Horse Association
  • Tina Singer
  • Abbie and Barbara Skelton
  • Ferd T. Slocum
  • Sharon L. Smith
  • Gloria Snider
  • Soka Piiw A. Foundation
  • Eugene and Holly Spagnola
  • Stuart J. and Lee Sprouse
  • Lonnie D. Best and Dee Ann Staley
  • Kristy L. Staniforth-McCann
  • Stoecklein Publishing
  • Guy M.* and Kathy L. Stoops
  • Double S Quarter Horses, Tom L. Pasma and Sue Sultze
  • Sundowner Trailer Co.
  • Raymond W. Sutton Jr.*
  • Swiss Quarter Horse Association
  • Bob Sykes
  • Laurian Quarter Horses, Brian V. and Laurie E. Takoff
  • Trent and Katrina Taylor
  • George Temple
  • Texas Select Sale
  • TIW Corporation
  • Chris Rodriguez and Samantha Toles-Rodriguez
  • Triple Crown Winners LLC
  • Turf Paradise Foundation
  • Emanuel P.* and Dorothy Uccello
  • V R Systems Inc.
  • Vermont Quarter Horse Association
  • Rodney J. Verret
  • Bonnie M. Vessels
  • Suanne Wamsley
  • The Watt Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation
  • Waukesha Pearce Industries Inc.
  • Mrs. Jerry M. Webb
  • Weyerhaeuser Co.
  • Jim Wilburn
  • Naason Williams
  • Cynthia Williford
  • Zack T. Wood Jr.*
  • Woods and Dixie Wright
  • J. Lloyd and Toni Yother
  • You and Me Partners

($1,000 - $2,499)

  • Acres Windsong
  • ACTC Inc.
  • James D. Adams
  • Adayana Industry
  • James P. Adkins
  • Rick and Joanie Adkins
  • Randy and Christina C. Alderson
  • Jimmy Alexander
  • Laurel M. and C.K. Allen Jr.
  • Stanley K. and Melva Allen
  • Amarillo Tri-State Exposition
  • American Horse Council Foundation
  • American Therapy Administrators
  • Beverley Anderson
  • G.F. ‘Andy’ Anderson, D.V.M.
  • Thomas L. Anderson
  • Debbie and Calvin Applegate
  • AQHA - United Kingdom
  • Arco Foundation
  • Arena Werks
  • Arizona Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association
  • Arkansas Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Hal and Donna Armstrong*
  • William S. Atherton
  • Atherton Farms
  • Atwood Ranches Inc.
  • Australian Quarter Horse Association Inc.
  • E.J. and Peggy Authement
  • Bob and Dana Avila
  • Axolotl Society
  • Keith and Carolyn Babb
  • Bader/Mueller/Farone/Barboa
  • Scott Bagley
  • Betty Wilson Bailey
  • Paul E. and Amy Bailey
  • Paula Balgera
  • Bank One Texas N.A.
  • Bar B Ranch
  • E.P. and Vicki Bass
  • Dr. G. Marvin and Eunice Beeman
  • Cindy Beemer
  • Bruce and Mary Belin Jr.
  • J. Ralph Bell*
  • Terry Bell*
  • Robert Bellino
  • Dale and Sue A. Beltz
  • Ronald H. and Sharon Berndt
  • Catherine E. Best
  • Nancy Ruth Best
  • Isabel C. Bickman
  • Bickmore Inc.
  • Mark Birnbaum
  • Debbie A. Black
  • Joseph R. and Wendy M. Blasi
  • Brandie Blodgett
  • Blue Ribbon Leather
  • Boatmen's First National Bank
  • Bobby Cox Companies Inc.
  • John and Kathie Bobenrieth
  • Dennis Boer
  • Sam and Ginger Bond
  • Judy Kay F. Bonham
  • William C. Bormes
  • Thomas R. Sr. and  Susan Boswell
  • Ford M.* and Edith Boulware
  • Clark and Bonnie Bradley
  • Sarah Bradley
  • William and Carol A. Bradley
  • Madelon L. Bradshaw
  • Michael E. Bramer
  • Sharon Brandsness
  • Cal R. and Derryl L. Brandt
  • Todd and Denise Branson and Family
  • Brazilian Quarter Horse Association
  • W.I. Brian*
  • David E. Brown
  • Rob A. and Talley Brown
  • Samuel C. and Isabel H. Brown
  • Jan Bruner
  • Glynda A. Bryant
  • Trey Buck
  • Artur and Joanna Budzynski
  • Buffalo Springs Inc.
  • Lindsey D. Burbank Sr.*
  • Harold Burford
  • James G. and Jeanette Burgess
  • Curtis and Betty Jane Burlin*
  • Dwayne and Nancy Burton
  • Jeanie Burton
  • Kelly Butler
  • Mary Byers
  • Brian Byrd
  • C Star Management
  • Rodger L. Call
  • Denise S. Callahan
  • Lee and Nelda Callaway
  • James C. Campbell
  • Canadian Quarter Horse Association
  • Enrique Candiani
  • K.C. Carden
  • Mike and Carolyn Carrier
  • Michael L. Carter
  • Mike and Charlene L. Carter
  • Frank G. Carver
  • Greeta G. Carver
  • Stephen E. Carver
  • Glen L. Casey
  • William E. and Anna J. Cassidy
  • Center for Equestrian Performance Inc.
  • Central Colorado Quarter Horse Association Inc.
  • Nancy G. Chapman
  • John Chelminiak
  • Harold Chenault
  • Harold Chestnut
  • Ron and Glenna Chidester
  • Miles Childers
  • Childers Ranch LLC
  • Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding Inc.
  • Jane Forbes Clark
  • Valerie Clark
  • Wendy and Robert Clark
  • Clark's Outpost Barbecue
  • Willard 'Will' Clifton
  • Mark S. and Ruth Cloudt
  • Cathleen Clucas
  • Jerry and Carol Cluck
  • C/C Stock Farm, Charles T. and Marilyn Cockrill
  • Richard A. and Elise Cognetti
  • Buster Cole*
  • Jackie Collins*
  • Colorado Quarter Horse Show Association
  • Colorado State University
  • Kay Coltharp
  • Connecticut Ouarter Horse Youth Assocation
  • Thomas M. Cook
  • Vaughn M. and Jill Cook
  • Roy and Shari Cooper
  • Coopers Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que Inc.
  • Coors of Amarillo / Abilene
  • Country Barn Steakhouse
  • Cowboy Creations
  • Rachel Coy
  • Andrew and Annie M. Craig
  • Mr. and Mrs. John P. Craig
  • Patricia B. Creel
  • Terry and Kelly Crofoot
  • K Bar D Enterprises LLC, Keri Lyn Croft
  • William M. Crouch*
  • Tom and Marilyn Crowley
  • Cryogenics Research & Development
  • Jeff and Stacey Cummings
  • Dalhart Quarter Horse Association
  • Dea Family Foundation
  • Carl and Lainie M. DeBoer
  • Kyle Defreece
  • Chester W. and Reid W. Dennis
  • Dennis Moreland Enterprises
  • Steve Denny
  • Walter M. Denny Jr.
  • Peter W. Dezeeuw Jr.*
  • Diamond C Ranch
  • Duayne and Lee* Didericksen
  • Stuart G. Blakely and Ruth P. Dismuke-Blakely
  • Dave Divito
  • Giancarlo Doardo
  • Elise R. Donohue*
  • Henry J. and Elise R. Donohue
  • Double F Ranch
  • Double JP Ranch
  • Gary and Becky Douglass
  • The Downs of Santa Fe
  • W.P. Drake, M.D.*
  • John B. Ducato
  • Jim and Renae Dudley
  • Brad and Priscilla DuPont
  • Tom Durant
  • Eagle Butte Ranches Ltd.
  • Easily Smashed Syndicate
  • East Coast Championship Shows
  • East Coast Quarter Horse Association Inc.
  • Eaves Horses Family Ltd. Partnership
  • Roger and Sandra A. Elder
  • J. Wade and Dona L. Ellerbroek
  • Glen Ellis Sr.
  • Brand L. and Sue K. Elverston
  • Equine Data Management
  • John T. Evans
  • Evans & Evans
  • Evergreen State Quarter Horse
  • Fakri Family Ltd. Partnership
  • Don and Berta Falcon
  • Fehir Charitable Foundation
  • Susanna P. Fenimore
  • Robin and John Feola
  • Dan and Cynthia Fick
  • Robert A. Fields
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Finley
  • First Bank Southwest
  • Timothy C. FitzGerald
  • Birgitte M. Flanders
  • Blair* and Nancy Folck
  • Timothy Blair and Denise A. Folck
  • Terry Stuart Forst
  • Four O Seven Farm
  • Jolynn Self Frankfather
  • Daniel F. and Kathryn L. Frederick
  • Friends of New Mexico Quarter Horse Association
  • J.M. Frost III*
  • Fulp Foundation
  • Glen Gabel
  • Dr. Carole Joubert Gaboury
  • Mark Bauer and Kathryn Garnett
  • Michael T. and Clare Anne Garrett
  • Walt and Pam Garrison
  • Vincent P. and Diane Genco
  • Georgia Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Wendy Gerber
  • Max Gibson
  • John D. and Jennifer B. Giffin
  • Gilbreath Tank Trucks Inc.
  • Stuart C. Gildred*
  • Ned Gill Jr.
  • Robert F. and Brenna Gobleck
  • Jerry Goldberg*
  • Tom and Mary Golden
  • Thomas and Amy Grabe
  • Walter Graham
  • Greater Houston Quarter Horse Association
  • Leslie Greco
  • Arthur and Shirley Greenberg
  • Janis Greenland
  • Margaret A. Greinke
  • Gary Griffith
  • Sharon Patterson Grigsby
  • Eli and Shelly Guerra
  • Steve Guitron
  • Gulwing Inc.
  • H J Dana Enterprises Ltd.
  • H R H Insurance
  • Hagyard-Davidson-McGee PLLC
  • Rick and Mona Ham
  • John D. and Cathy Hammes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ross Hammond
  • Keith and Jennifer Hancock
  • Nick and Darlene Hanich
  • Mary Hannagan
  • Happy Time Farms
  • Darrell R. Hare
  • Janie Harms
  • Mariann Harrington, M.D.
  • Richard Harris
  • Robin Harris
  • Dan J. and Rosemary J. Harrison
  • Frank and Johnel Harrison
  • Mitch Harrison
  • Hawaii Quarter Horse Association
  • Doug and Tadhi Hayes
  • Jack G. and Lula M. Hayes
  • James T. and Elise Hays
  • Dr. Tommy Hays
  • Erin W. Hearst
  • Heck Yea Quarter Horses LLC
  • Kenneth E. Hein
  • Arthur W. and Sue Henry
  • Jess Herbers
  • Hereford Veterinary Supply Inc.
  • James E. Herring
  • Heste Sport Inc.
  • Hilb Rogal and Hobbs Co.
  • Polly Hiller
  • The H.L. Brown Jr. Family Foundation
  • Jerry H. and Margaret M. Hodge
  • Charles R. and Pamela G. Holbrook
  • R.H. Holland
  • Hollywood Park
  • The Home Depot Foundation
  • Burl Holmes
  • Thomas J. Holmes
  • Robert E. Hooper*
  • James R. and Kathryn Hootman
  • Horseplay Furnishings
  • Robert and Mary Houston
  • Liz Hughes
  • Jerry Hull*
  • Humanities Texas
  • Jim Humphreys*
  • Bob Hunnicutt
  • Don and Doreen Hunt
  • Debbie S. Hunter
  • Cecil A. Hurley
  • Joe H. Hutto
  • Idaho Quarter Horse Association
  • Idaho Quarter Horse Breeders
  • Ikon Office Solutions Inc.
  • Illinois Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Nancy Ingle
  • Iowa Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Iowa Quarter Horse Racing Association Inc.
  • Irish Quarter Horse Association
  • Greg and Laura L. Irwin
  • J.L. Pumphrey and Sons
  • J/J Limestone Running Horses LLC
  • Bill and Nancy Jacobson
  • Ben J. James III
  • Julie L. James
  • Timothy N. and Catherine K. Jennings
  • Steven Jensen
  • John Ascuagau's Nugget
  • Burdette L. and Ellyn Johnson
  • Don and Marilyn Johnson
  • Covelle and Jana Jones
  • E.T. Jones III
  • R.C. 'Punch' and Suzanne* Jones
  • JPI and Associates
  • Bruce and Susan Kaplow
  • Kathy's Show Equipment
  • Cliff H. Keesee
  • Ronnie and Vickie Kent
  • James and Rita Kifer
  • Walter L. and Peggy Kimes
  • Scott Kleberg
  • Paul and Bobbi Knapper
  • Cindy and Luke Knox
  • Helen O. Koch
  • Howard O. Koch, D.V.M. Estate
  • Lea Buck Kozlowski*
  • KPR Holdings LP
  • Nan Kreeger
  • Nancy and John Kritser
  • L and S Sterling
  • L/J Farms Inc.
  • La Habra Host Lions Foundation
  • Scott Laihinen
  • James and Haidee Landry
  • Larry Larson Photography Inc.
  • The Lavin Family Trust, Verdie and Eleanor P. Lavin
  • Bob Lawrence
  • Marshall Ledbetter Jr.
  • Mary McIntyre Lee
  • Gib Lewis
  • Candace M. Liddy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barney Liles
  • Linda Cline Philanthropic Fund
  • Jack D. Linder
  • Shellie Lindley
  • Bob G. and Rachel Joan Lines
  • Shawn M. Little
  • Littleton Equine Medical Center
  • Loree Quarter Horses Inc.
  • Los Gatos Ranch
  • Louis Foundation
  • Louisiana Quarter Horse Association
  • Wanda J. Lounder
  • Charles and Linda Love
  • George and Genevieve Luchessi
  • Fred and Carol Lyons
  • M and M Club
  • M.B. Seretean Foundation Inc., M.B. 'Bud' Seretean
  • Gordon MacDonald
  • MacKay Family Foundation
  • David F. and Susan Mackie
  • Mary W. MacLeod
  • C. Berry and Kristine Madden
  • Maine Quarter Horse Association
  • Linda Marchesani
  • Dennis Markle
  • Betty J. Marshall
  • Dr. Michael Martin
  • Maryland State Jr. Quarter Horse Association
  • Charles and Diane Mashburn
  • Melissa Mason-Zapp
  • Gretchen Mathes
  • Kade L. and Christine MatthewsFOM
  • Terry Matthews
  • Terry, John and Jamie Matthews
  • Mike Mayes
  • Robert G. Maynard
  • Catharine W. McAnally
  • Harry W. McCormick
  • Ursula D. McCromick
  • Don and Sandy McDonald
  • Mark Jensen and Keith M. McDonough
  • Dale and Rita R. McGuffier
  • Jane Egan McGuire
  • Walter S. McIlhenny
  • Sharon McLendon
  • Nance F. McManus
  • Glenn McMennamy
  • Medders Oil Co. Inc.
  • The Mennonite Foundation Inc.
  • Merck Animal HealthFOM
  • Nola J. Merry
  • Mexican Quarter Horse Association
  • Brenda Michael
  • Michigan Quarter Horse Association
  • Juanita Leslie Hill Mikkelson
  • Minnesota Amateur Quarter Horse Association
  • Minnesota Quarter Horse Racing Association
  • Sandi Mitchell
  • Mon Dak Quarter Horse Association
  • Bill G. Moomey
  • Charles R. Moore
  • Hilmar G. Moore*
  • S.M. Moore*
  • Butch and Charlene Morgan
  • Oral Morgan
  • George W. and Mae Morley
  • Kay L. Sibley Mortensen
  • Phillip Mote
  • Mark Moxley
  • Bill Muir
  • Jane H. Mullins
  • Jack M. Munro
  • Ray Murphy
  • Ed and Sandra Jean Murray
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monte Musgrove
  • Gary Myers
  • John S. and Sondra J. Narmont
  • Nations Bank
  • Mary Alice S. Neal Estate
  • David L. and Kathleen Marie Nelson
  • L.D. Neumayer
  • Nevada Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association
  • New York State Horse Council
  • Willard B. Nordick
  • North Carolina Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • North Dakota Quarter Horse Association
  • Northwest Florida Stallion Stakes
  • O. Burtis Jr./K. Butler/C. Davis
  • Oakley Promotion
  • Patrick and Lisa O'Connor
  • Sharon Oeschger
  • Ohio Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Oklahoma City Equine Clinic
  • Dan and Helen Opie
  • Dick Orent
  • Teresa M. Orrico
  • Bradley D. Ost
  • Out Front Sales Co.
  • Pacific Northwest Quarter Horse Association
  • Patricia E. Palmer
  • Palomino Horse Breeders of America
  • Panhandle Golden Spread Quarter Horse Association
  • Paraguay Quarter Horse Association
  • Alan Parker
  • Amy Parker
  • Dean H. Parker*
  • Skip Parker
  • Jay Parsons Estate
  • Will and Dana Patton
  • Paula's Place Inc.
  • Ken Pautzke*
  • Pazazz Quarterhorses Ltd.
  • The Peckham Sisters
  • J.E. Peever
  • Peninsula Mounted Search & Rescue
  • James Penisten
  • Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Rosario Perez-Companc
  • David M. Perkins*
  • Lindsay and Nick Pernokas
  • Bob and Ann Perry
  • Tom Persechino
  • The Peter Stone Co.
  • Petersen Ranches
  • Eileen Petersen Memorial Fund
  • James R. Pfluger
  • Jim and Lauris J. Phillips
  • Michael Phillips
  • Pam Phillips
  • Phillips Petroleum Foundation
  • James and Gina T. Pickens
  • Charles and Jeannie H. Pircher
  • Bob Plummer*
  • Pondarusso LLC
  • Marylin Potter
  • Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino
  • Premier Amusements Inc.
  • Professional Horsemen's Committee
  • James W. Pruitt*
  • Cindy Pryor
  • Pyranha Insecticides
  • Quality Distributing Co. Inc.
  • Quality Mechanical Linc
  • Quarter Horse Association of West Texas
  • Quarter Horse Benevolent Charity Foundation
  • Quarter Horse Outfitters
  • Quarter Horse Track Magazine
  • R.A. Brown Ranch
  • R.G./Cheryl Click Master Trust
  • Race Track Chaplaincy of America
  • George Raffkind
  • Robert and Terry Rainer
  • Steven D. and Kathleen A. Ralls
  • Ramich Farms
  • Ann Ramsay
  • Tom C. and Mary Ann Ramsey
  • Dr. Ray W. and Marilyn K. Randall
  • Howard J. Rankin, Ph.D.
  • Kay Rankin-Williams
  • Ravenbrook Farm
  • Tricia Anne Raymund
  • Gaylon W. and Mary Judy Reed
  • Reed BeverageFOM
  • Andy and Carol Rees
  • Peter and Carol Refakis
  • J.R. and Gwen Reichert
  • Reining Horse Sports Foundation Inc.
  • Remington Park Race Office
  • Georgianna V. Renouard
  • Emil David and Lisa A. Reutimann
  • Arlene M. Riley
  • Riverside Ranch Stallions Inc.
  • Robert and Cheryl* Roark
  • Robert R. Shelton Family Foundation
  • Roberts Quarter Horses
  • Sam and Pam Rose
  • Richard D. and Suzanne Rosell
  • Calvin Ross
  • Butch and Betsy L. Runyan
  • Celia L. Russo
  • Wyvonne Rust
  • Merle Rutherford-Fulton
  • Steven D. Rynearson
  • Saatchi and Saatchi DFS Inc.
  • Scott and Patrica Sainsbury
  • Cecil and Diane Salmon
  • Salt Creek Wranglers
  • Estell Sanford
  • Santa Anita Park
  • La Rue Sauers*
  • Joe M. Sawyer*
  • Mike F. Schleiniger
  • John and Scharleen Schmahl
  • Elise Wheless Schmidt
  • Susan S. Schohr
  • Judy Schwenk
  • Dalbert Scott
  • John W. Scott Jr.
  • Tom Scott
  • Scottsdale Classic LLC
  • Eric and Janelle Sebring
  • Neil Sebring*
  • Senator and Mrs. Kel Seliger
  • Shady Lane Stables
  • John R. Shaw Jr.
  • Kevin and Marilyn Shea
  • Charles R. Sheets
  • Robert R. Shelton*
  • Mary Silverthorne
  • Fisher E. Simmons
  • Sioux Quarter Horse Shows
  • Paul M. Skowronski
  • Cliff H. and Ruby W. Smith
  • D. Joe and Brenda S. Smith
  • Jason and Julie C. Smith
  • Nickey and Patsy Smith
  • Debby Sossamon
  • South Carolina Jr. Quarter Horse Association
  • Southeastern Paperboard
  • Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
  • Spear-Cross Land/Livestock LLC
  • Dr. April L. Speyer
  • Mike and Kitchie Spitzer
  • Danny and Stella Spradley
  • Drs. Jack and Nancy Sprague
  • James P. and Linda Springer
  • The Stake Foundation
  • Standard Meat Co. LP
  • Robert C. and Judy Standish
  • Larri Jo Starkey
  • Staten Island Quarter Horse Association
  • Billy H. and Cheryl Steele
  • Stockyards Station Gallery
  • Jody and Dee Dee Stoddard
  • Aubrey D. Stokes*
  • Joe* and Betty Ann Stoner
  • Ethel and Michael Strach
  • Julie Straight
  • Steve and Donna Stumpf
  • Greg and Jodi Sullivan
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Sunland Park
  • Neil A. and Chris Swanson
  • Twila Swick
  • Gilbert N. and Linda A. Switzer
  • Gretchen E. Swope
  • Kenneth L. and Olive R. Swope
  • Johnny L. and Karen P. Tart
  • Michael Taylor
  • Noble J. Taylor*
  • Jeff B. and Vicki D. Tebow
  • R.K. and Helen Teichgraeber
  • Carolyn Tellepsen
  • Jim and Sandra M. Ten Hoeve
  • Tennessee Quarter Horse Association
  • Tennessee Quarter Horse Association Region 2
  • Terry Bell Farms
  • Texas Cattle Feeders Association
  • P.K. and Kim Thomas
  • The Thomas P. Waters Foundation
  • Dr. Barry B. Thompson*
  • J.D. 'Dick' and Doris Thompson
  • Rajeana M. Thompson
  • Denny and Eileen Thorsell
  • Stephen Mauck and Heather Lynn Thrapp-Mauck
  • Art and Sandy Tidmore
  • Jeff D. and Melissa Treadway
  • Dan and Darlene Trein
  • Tri State Fair
  • Tri State Riding Club
  • Dr. Brian C. Rubens and Dr. Karen R. Trimmer
  • Bobby Lowell and Sue Ann Turner
  • U.S. Tobacco Co.
  • Frank and Winnie Ulrich
  • Utah Quarter Horse Association
  • Vallejo III Inc.
  • Phillip and Audrey Vandecar
  • J. Michael Vargo
  • Dr. Dickson D. and Tricia Varner
  • Vashon Maury Island Horse Association
  • H. Kathleen Vaughan-Hawkins
  • Sandra Vaughn
  • Verdugo Ranch
  • Stephen John Verhoff
  • Ullrich Vey
  • Vickie Lynn Farms
  • Video Horse World
  • Vineyard Farms Quarter Horses
  • Virginia Horse Council
  • Virginia Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Vogt Silver and Leather
  • W W Distributors
  • Leman and Juleigh Wall
  • Aaron and Lauren Walsh
  • Susan and Robert Walton
  • Ware Land and Cattle Inc.
  • The Warner Family Foundation
  • Reba Warren
  • Warren County Quarter Horse Association
  • Washington Junior Quarter Horse Association
  • Stan and Nancy Weaver
  • Jack Wells
  • P. Michael Wells
  • Western Horseman
  • Alan and Roberta Whetzel
  • David Whitaker, Ph.D.
  • Eugene White
  • Mrs. Betty Williams
  • Joseph C. and Ellen G. Williams
  • Bobby Willis
  • Winner Communications Inc.
  • Floyd E. 'Butch' and Nancy J. Wise
  • Lona Wolfe
  • Woods' Western
  • Michael F. Wright
  • Joyce A. Wyatt
  • Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
  • Y O Ranch
  • Carl Yamber
  • Don S. Yandell

2015 Wall of Honor Plaza and Commemorative Gifts

Maxed Out Potential Memorial
Ryan Cottingim Show Horses and Friends

Smoke and Coleen English Honorarium
Eric English

2015 Honorariums and Memorials

Robert Z. Adair Memorial
John L. and Carol Cooper
Don and Virginia Jones
Frank and Robin Merrill

E.F. 'Bud' Alderson Memorial
Susan M. Adler

Madonna Alderson Memorial
Susan M. Adler

Joe B. Allen Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Jenson & Joan Sargent

Neil Allen Memorial
Thomas and Elizabeth Mills

Patty and Dennis Ambrose Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Eric Anderson Memorial
Kramer Pamela Glickman

James and Doris Barton Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

G. Marvin Beeman Honorarium
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter

Amy Bell Memorial
Brian and Kara Bell
Larry and Ellen Bell
Matthew C. and Ann Bell
Angelo and Suzette Bizzarro

Melissa Bell Honorarium
Jack Gold and Jeff Griss

Suzanne Bernard Memorial
Patrice Kupsco

Dr. Glenn and Karen Blodgett Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Charles Kenneth Bourquin Memorial
Phil and Julie N. Garrett

M.O. 'Bud' Breeding Memorial
Marten A. and Jody Clark

Russell Brehm Memorial
Rick and Lori Bucholz

Bill Brewer Honorarium
Danny and Tammy Canida
Joseph Carter
Wendy and Rob Clark
Kay Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kite and Amy
Paulina Mendoza
Oral Morgan
Alex and Berleen Ross
Sarah Smiddy
Gene M. Storlie
Julie Straight

Bill and Sue Brewer Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Lloyd Donald Brinkman Memorial
Don and Virginia Jones
Frank and Robin Merrill

Jack Brizendine Memorial
Johne Dobbs
Frank and Robin Merrill

Rob and Peggy Brown Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Norman R. Bruce Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Ernest B. Buehler IV Memorial
Mary Bess Woodruff

Julian Calabria Memorial
William C. and Kathy Harvey

Fredi Sue Campagna Memorial
Carl and Martha Coppola

Preston Carter III Memorial
Keely Carter and Jon Hoff

Clarence Chown Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge

Marten A. and Jody Clark Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Peter and Carmen Cofrancesco Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Autumn Brooke Coppinger Memorial
Glenn and Evelyn W. Ashley

William M. Crouch Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge
Marten A. and Jody Clark
Johne Dobbs
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Barbara Etta Cummings Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Jane Blair Darnell Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.
Frank and Robin Merrill
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Johne Dobbs Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Bill and Roxy Englund Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Garrie R. Etherton Memorial
James R. and Elinor P. Olson

Walter and Pat Fletcher Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Brian Fulton Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.
Johnny and Jana Trotter
Stan and Nancy Weaver

Henry C. Gardiner Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Esther Goodwin Memorial
Dr. Duane and Beverly McDavitt

Lee Greathouse Memorial
Duane W. and Arva Jo Walker

Drs. James C. Heird and Eleanor M. Green Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Susan Kay 'Suzi' Hagen Memorial
Bill and Sue Brewer

Margaret Hammond Memorial
Jennifer L. Reglien

Roger Hancock Family Honorarium
Mary Bess Woodruff

Gordon J. Hannagan Memorial
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Kurt W. Harris, D.V.M. Honorarium
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter

Mary Helen Haythorn Memorial
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter

James and Marilyn Helzer Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Paul D. Hopp Memorial
Paul Marston

Bill Huber Memorial
Johne Dobbs

Craig and Mary Jon Huffhines Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Walter T. Hughes Memorial
Nancy S. Hughes

Ginger and James Hyland Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Van S. Jackson Memorial
Carolyn E. Cromer
Boris A. and Pamela A. Dover
First Community Bank
Dwight Ford
Gary A. and Linda K. Leonard
Skip and Billie Rutherford

Bill James Memorial
Tom and Marilyn Crowley
Frank and Robin Merrill
Larry and Rosemary Yates and Lydia Rostine
Duane W. and Arva Jo Walker

Virginia James Memorial
William and Lynne Riggs

Mildred Janowitz Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge
Carolyn Hudnell
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Roy Jennings Memorial
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Stanley Johnston Memorial
Dr. R.M. and Linda L. Christensen

Suzanne Jones Memorial
Bogle Brothers LLC
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter
Kai Lahann
Silke Lahann
Larry Larson Photography Inc.
Dennis and Betty Mahaffey Trust
Mark and Annette McCloy
Frank and Robin Merrill
New Mexico Horse Breeders Association
New Mexico Quarter Horse Association
Michele Latimer Spencer
Phoebe L. Spencer
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Jerry Kaufmann Memorial
Dr. R.M. and Linda L. Christensen
Jim and Mavis Jennings

Thomas Keller Memorial
Steven and Victoria Hoback

Tasha Ann Killough Honorarium
James Steven Yandle and Mary Killough

Cheree Kirkbride Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.

Rickey Kirkpatrick Honorarium
Debora Kirkpatrick

Robert J. Kleberg Jr. Memorial
Helen K. Groves
Don and Virginia Jones

Jack Kyle Memorial
Don and Virginia Jones
Morris H. and Merrily Kulmer

Pete and Tamra Kyle Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Daryl Lankin Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Beckie Leal Honorarium
Veronica Almanza

Arlen Lenhart Memorial
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Rebecca Tyler Lockhart Memorial
Michael J. (Mike) and Linda Segraves Berry
Frank and Robin Merrill

Frances E. Loiseau Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.

Jacky Davy Martin Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Mark and Deanna Jo Martin Honorarium
Larry Larson Photography Inc.

Dusty Mayard Honorarium
Myron and Ronda Mayard

William and Ann McAllister Memorial
Joseph H. McAllister

Michael C. Gates and Ruth J. McDonald-Gates Honorarium
D.A. Davidson Companies

Robert E. Menker Memorial
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Frank and Robin Merrill Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Elizabeth (Liz) A. Lynch Mills Memorial
Mark and Barbara Brown

Zoerado Mills Honorarium
Chet and Jan Budd

Gober Lee Mitchell Honorarium
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Hilda Moon Memorial
Dr. Duane and Beverly McDavitt

Buddy Moreland Birthday Honorarium
Lois Laverne Isbell

Ken and Maryellen Mumy Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Don Mundy Memorial
Rick and Lori Bucholz
Johne Dobbs
Frank and Robin Merrill
Ellen Williams

Norma J. Munson Memorial
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Rush Neff Memorial
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Dr. John Newcomb Honorarium
Susan C. Brooks

Gilean Newman Memorial
The Lavin Family Trust

Ole Olson Memorial
Bill and Sue Brewer

Paula and Phillip Owens Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Jeri Pabst Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge
C. Loren Butler
Susan K. Johns
Elizabeth B. Wohlford
Jack and Joyce F. Young

Albert H. Paxton Sr. Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Jackie L. Payne Honorarium
Frank and Robin Merrill

Mike and Beth Perkins Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Susan Roxie Petersen-Asadoor Memorial
Petersen Ranches

Carl C. Pevehouse Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

George Phillips Memorial
Dwight Ange
Sandra K. Arledge
Kenneth and Laina P. Banks
James and Doris Barton
Tom and Julie Bivins
Angelo and Suzette Bizzarro
Bill and Sue Brewer
Rob and Peggy Brown
Rick and Lori Bucholz
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter
Joseph Carter
Marten A. and Jody Clark
Tom and Marilyn Crowley
Johne Dobbs
Dogwood Foundation
Walter and Pat Fletcher
Cam and Lisa Foreman
Dr. Charles W. and Nancy Graham
Barbara Graves
Drs. James C. Heird and Eleanor Green
Doug and Chris Hardcastle
Jim and Mavis Jennings
Penelope P. Knight
Tom and Leslie Lange
Larry and Gale Little
Mark Marley
Gretchen Mathes
Frank and Robin Merrill
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy
Daniel and Marsha O'Connell
Johannes and Astrid Orgeldinger
Gunnar R. and Carol Beth Otness
A. Clark Scoggin
Johnny and Jana Trotter
Duane W. and Arva Jo Walker
Stan and Nancy Weaver
Carol L. Whittaker
Mark and Naomi Woodard

Nicole Phillips Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Chad, Ben and Will Pierce Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Katie Pinkerton Honorarium
Richard A. and Tina Stopa

John Rae Powell Memorial
David and Deborah Neal

Jay Pumphrey Memorial
Stephen Brown
Walter and Pat Fletcher
Mark and Gina Fowlkes
Charlie Greener
James E. and Marilyn Helzer
Houston and Charlotte Kauffman
Kirk Maberry
Charles and Diane Mashburn
Vance Reed
Bill Schumacher
Peggy G. Spence
Michael Stinson
Jerry and Pat Windham

Anita Reed Memorial
Bill and Sue Brewer
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Willard A. Rhodes Honorarium
Maine Quarter Horse Association
Joseph H. McAllister

W.R. Richardson Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Cheryl Ann Roark Memorial
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Jacklin Marie ‘Jackie’ Roeser Memorial
Dan Roeser
Stan and Nancy Weaver

Gilbert Ross Memorial
Janice R. Drake

Ben K. Sager Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.

Harvey Schraeder Honorarium
Tom and Sue Ann Morrison

Blane Schvaneveldt Memorial
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Shirley Sedgwick Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.

Ralph and Connie Seekins Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Alta M. Sherwood Memorial
Patricia S. Jones

Jim and Rita Shoemake Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Chris Sitz Honorarium
Veronica Almanza

Charley 'Choo Choo' Smith Memorial
Frank and Robin Merrill

Donald F. 'Curly' Smith Memorial
John L. and Carol Cooper
Ronald J. and Jeryl Hartley
Frank and Robin Merrill
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Kenneth T. and Patsy Smith Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Jane Evelyn Snyder Memorial
Ellen Vaughan

Sheldon W. Soderberg Memorial
Larry Larson Photography Inc.

Jean Spain Memorial
Mary Bess Woodruff

Mary Eleanor Wilson Stettner Memorial
Lori and Bob Pfaff

JoAnna Diane Stevens Honorarium
Veronica Almanza

Steve and Kay Stevens Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Mary Jo Stoner Memorial
Mary Bess Woodruff

Stephen P. Stoner Memorial
Mary Bess Woodruff

Alicia Syres Honorarium
Dee Dee McGrane

Phyllis Syres, D.V.M. Honorarium
Dee Dee McGrane

Trent and Katrina Taylor Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Joanne Tortel Memorial
Lori and Bob Pfaff

Don Treadway Jr. Honorarium
Penelope P. Knight

Don and Robbyn Treadway Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge
Frank and Robin Merrill

Charley O. Trimble Honorarium
Lois Laverne Isbell

Johnny Trotter Honorarium
Randy and Sandy Mandel Coleman

Johnny and Jana Trotter Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge
The Burnett Foundation
El Dorado Holdings Inc.
First Financial Bankshares Inc.
First United Bank
Penelope P. Knight
Ted and Janet Parker
Pete A. Scarmardo
Stan and Nancy Weaver

Frank Vessels Memorial
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Stan and Nancy Weaver Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Howard and Phyllis Weiss Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Jimmy Nichols and Nancy Wheeler Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Carol A. and A. Jane Whitman Memorial
Phillip and Audrey Vandecar

Russell Wilson Memorial
Turtle Mountain Veterinary Service

Jerry and Pat Windham Honorarium
Sandra K. Arledge

Floyd E. 'Butch' Wise Honorarium
Johnny and Jana Trotter

Carla J. Wolf Memorial
Arthur A. Harkness

Swayze Woodruff Memorial
Lacie S. Coleman
Larri Jo Starkey
Mary Bess Woodruff

2015 Horse and Pet Honorariums and Memorials

A Nickel A Dance Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge

After Eight Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge

Almosta Boom Memorial
Robbie Kelly and Melinda Mayes-Kelly

Artia Bobbidoll Honorarium
Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation

Bee Easy Opie Jet Honorarium
John and Piper Beaven

Bee Pearl Memorial
John and Piper Beaven

Benkers Skip Bar 'Ben' Memorial
John and Piper Beaven

Booger King Memorial
James Steven Yandle and Mary Killough

Cowboy Honorarium
Janet and Giselle Binette

Data Memorial
Shannon Mitchell

Doc's Sugar Buck Memorial
Larry W. and Chandler P. Emerson

Exciting Doc Memorial
Rhonda L. Lea

Fool Of Moon (Mouse) Memorial
Lori and Frank Post

General Starability Memorial
Terri Abbey

Ima Good Pine (Honey) Honorarium
Dean M. and Shellie Winkler

Its A Southern Thing Honorarium
Taylor Gumz

‘Jay Lo' Cromed Shiner Memorial
Pete and Tamra Kyle

Jimmy Memorial
Shannon Mitchell

Lil Star Memorial
Katina 'Nikki' Kellum

Mac N Cheese Please Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge

Magic Memorial
Kitty M and Larry Monterastelli

Malia Jolene Memorial
John and Piper Beaven

Maxed Out Potential Memorial
Kathryn Donnelly
Rob and Jennifer Rhodes
Mary and Chris Simonsen

Meyers Gamblingold Memorial
Jim and Sandra M. Ten Hoeve

Pats Poco Beauty Memorial
James Steven and Mary Yandle

Peppys Dark Bar 'Pumpkin' Memorial
John L. and Barbara N. Fisher

Randys Tenino 'Buddy' Memorial
Janet Cooper

Red Dee Lux Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge
Richard and Mary Ann Rose

Roostin Honorarium
Susan C. Brooks

Rugged Lark Memorial
Nancy S. Hughes

Runaway Winner Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Scotch Margarita Memorial
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

Simply Zip Honorarium
Birgitte M. Flanders

Sittin On The Doc Memorial
Angelo and Suzette Bizzarro

Sonny Vista Miss Memorial
Casady M. Henry

Sonnys Sugar Kid Memorial
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter

Spanish Bo Leo Memorial
Katharine Silvasi

Spirit Memorial
Katina 'Nikki' Kellum

Starmans Direct Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge

Strictly A Star Memorial
Vanessa Henderson

Tactical Heir     91 Honorarium
Sallilee Conlon

Toms San Peppy Memorial
Sandra K. Arledge

Top Win Boy Memorial
Denise Thompson

Tuffy Memorial
Susan J. Wilcox

Twice As Much Class Memorial
Pamela D. Russell-Alsbury

Webster Memorial
Normajean R. Forbes

Zips Chocolate Chip Memorial
Veronica Almanza
Sandra K. Arledge
Gary and Marian K. Carpenter
Don and Amy Marshall
Ken A. and Maryellen Mumy

FOM indicates member of Friends of Museum.  An asterisk indicates donor is deceased.

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