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When you purchased your horse he was an investment. You poured resources into building an athlete that could carry you to your dreams. At some point he became more than a coworker – he became your best friend. The trophies became insignificant in comparison to the moments you spent in each other’s presence. Now, trailering to your local clinic with your horse’s life hanging by the thread, you suddenly realize that he has become the very thing that gives your life meaning. He is your teammate, your passion and your purpose.

You pull into the emergency entrance hoping for a miracle but preparing for reality. After what seems like an eternity, you leave the vet clinic with your horse in tow.

Colic surgery saved his life; and somehow it feels like it also saved yours.

Your horse has benefited from the research that was made possible by generous donors and contributors. Research grants are awarded to top universities each year while the number of research requests received continually increases. The Foundation has its sights set on awarding over $500,000 annually to support equine research, knowing that the investments made today will lead to a healthier future for our beloved horses.

By investing in equine research today, you are enabling educators, scientists and vets to develop programs that will directly impact your horse’s well-being.

Research has focused on areas of study including finding genetic markers for disease, regenerative medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, breeding values and standards, drug testing and improved injury management. The American Quarter Horse Association believes these areas of study are paramount to the viability of the industry. As the largest breed organization in the world, we are dedicated to supporting the well-being of all horses.

Donate today and help us solve the scientific riddles that threaten the health of our horses and the future of our sport.

Program Outline

During the 1960 American Quarter Horse Association Convention in Amarillo, Texas, a presentation was made to the members that described several diseases that were a serious threat to the horse industry. The tone of the message expressed a grave need to fund research – science that would benefit all horses.

The Equine Research Committee was formed and a $20,000 budget was established. That first year, Texas A&M University was given the lion’s share of the $10,000 funding budget to study equine parasites, which ultimately lead to today’s medications that control parasites in horses.

Thanks in large part to our generous donors; AQHA and the Foundation have awarded more than $11.2 million in research grants to various colleges and universities.

2017-2018 Equine Research Grants

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To make a donation to the equine research program by phone, please contact us at (806) 378-5040.