Governance of the Pleasure Versatility Challenge

Governing membership of the Pleasure Versatility Challenge is open to all AQHA Professional Horsemen in good standing.

Governing Membership Committee

Governing membership is open to all AQHA Professional Horsemen in good standing. There is a one-time, lifetime membership fee for the Governing Membership Committee structured as follows:

  • $1,000 if postmarked January 1, 2021, or later
  1. Each membership carries with it one (1) vote. Voting rights begin when the membership fee is received.

  2. Elected from and by the Governing Membership Committee annually at the AQHA World Show will be a five (5)-person Governing Board that will be charged with bringing key votes to the Governing Membership Committee and interacting with AQHA on pertinent issues.  The initial members of the governing committee are indicated below with an asterisk (*).

  3. Participation in the “Pleasure Versatility Challenge” does NOT require a Governing membership.

  4. Officials of AQHA are NOT eligible to participate on the Governing Membership Committee.

  5. The AQHA Executive Committee has final approval of the governing document developed by the members of the Pleasure Versatility Challenge Governing Membership Committee. The AQHA Executive Committee reserves the right to approve sponsors to ensure there are no conflicts with existing AQHA corporate partners.

All membership income is used at the discretion of the Governing Membership Committee.

Governing Membership Committee Roster

  1. *Charlie Cole, Texas
  2. Ryan Cottingim, Tennessee

  3. Chad Evans, Colorado

  4. *Robin Frid, Texas

  5. Clint Fullerton, Missouri

  6. *Gil Galyean, Oklahoma

  7. Becky George, Texas

  8. Rusty Green, Texas

  9. Murray Griggs, California

  10. Kellie Hinely, California

  11. Leslie Vagneur Lange, Colorado

  12. Kristy McCann, Washington

  13. Jeff Mellott, Kansas

  14. Jill Gomes Newcomb

  15. Joan Schroeder, Texas

  16. *Jim Searles, Arizona

  17. Melissa Sexton, Washington

  18. Tommy Sheets, Indiana

  19. *Gene Spagnola, Connecticut

  20. Stephen Stephens, Texas

  21. Justin Wheeler, California