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July 02, 2022 | Youth , Get Started with Horses
Can you relate? An equestrian reflects on the stages her parents went through during their journey to horse ownership.
June 30, 2022 | News and Publications , American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA)
AQHYA is excited to host youth from around the world at the 2022 Youth Excellence Seminar; check out these highlights and reminders before traveling to Amarillo.
June 20, 2022 | News and Publications , AQHA corporate partners
AQHA announces a partnership with USRider as the official roadside assistance provider of AQHA.
June 16, 2022 | News and Publications , Youth officer positions
View the ballot of 2022-23 AQHYA officer and director candidates who will be elected at the Youth Excellence Seminar July 12-14 in Amarillo.
June 07, 2022 | News and Publications , AQHA alliance partners
The two largest equine breed registries in the world have come together in a unique partnership to bring more opportunities to horse enthusiasts worldwide.