Horse Tack and Equipment

Various equine activities require different kinds of tack to properly equip your American Quarter Horse for success. Use these resources to explore the tools available to you and your horse, and learn how to make the best tack choices.

March 12, 2019 | Timed Events , Timed / Speed events
We examine lay, material, full or scant diameters, strand count and length for team ropers, tie-down ropers and ranch cowboys.
July 01, 2017 | Showing , Get Started with Horses
Horseback riding tip: Your stirrups aren't a foot rest.
January 30, 2018 | Showing , Equipment rules
Two professionals share words of wisdom about this horse-training aid.
June 28, 2017 | Showing , Ranching
Learn the proper way to use romal reins on your reining and reined cow horse.
August 13, 2018 | Showing , Ranching
Start your horse training off on the right foot by selecting the proper western bit.

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