AQHA Horseback Riding Program: 2,500 Hour Awards

Congratulations to AQHA Horseback Riding Program participants who have reached the 2,500-hour milestone. Most importantly, it was with the most loyal, responsive, hardworking, and willing teammate - the American Quarter Horse.

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Jessica Ewert
The Obvious Gain aka "Jezzy"
Medora, ND
"While growing up, our elderly neighbors would ask me to stop by brush and fuss over their horses. In turn, I made a little money for the chore. Soon, I traded the cash for the opportunity to learn to ride. Later I learned many of his horses were Two Eyed Jack bred stock. 
               To this day I love a good Pitzer Ranch-bred horse. In all reality I'm a horse lover in general, I see the beauty in all of them. 
               My husband and I, along with some good friends, enjoy riding aggressive rugged land. We make several trips a year, just to enjoy the landscape.  Our favorite place to spend time riding is Bar X Ranch Medora, ND and The Black Hills, SD."




Susan Brooks
San Marco, CA
"I started taking riding lessons at the age of 26 and got my first Quarter Horse a few months later. I’m now 77 and riding my 22 year old retired reining horse, Roostin. We spend our time pleasure riding in San Marcos, CA. Two retired folks enjoying life together. I’ve had three wonderful Quarter Horses and am thankful for all the joy and love they have given me."



Melissa Fowler
Smart Cutting Cat RG
Buffalo, South Dakota
"I have been riding American Quarter horses since I was a young girl. My parents bought me my first quarter horse and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I spend most of my time riding my American Quarter Horses here on our cattle ranch gathering and trailing cattle to new pasture, sorting cattle, shipping cattle in the fall, pasture doctoring cattle and roping at brandings. I also find time to take them to AQHA and NRCHA shows. My favorite place to ride is here on our cattle ranch! We have a lot of wide open space! I also love competing at the AQHA and NRCHA shows!"







Log Your HBR Hours

There are two ways to log your hours for the AQHA Horseback Riding Program.
Log frequently and online to receive rewards sooner.

  1. Submit or view your hours online. Log in to AQHA online member portal to submit or view your hours. All hours logged online must be entered for the year by midnight Central time, December 31 each year.
  2. Download the American Quarter Horse Hourly Log Sheet and mail, email to or fax to 806-375-5197 to AQHA by the deadlines below.

Quarterly Deadlines for submitting Log Sheets:

January - March Hours Due in AQHA office by April 30
April - June Hours Due in AQHA office by July 31
July - September Hours Due in AQHA office by October 31
October - December Hours Due in AQHA office by December 31


For more information about the horseback riding program, please contact the Horseback Riding Team at