AQHA Horseback Riding Program: 500 Hour Awards

Congratulations to AQHA Horseback Riding Program participants who have reached the 500-hour mark. AQHA celebrates the rider, whether on a Quarter Horse in the Quarter Horse division or any other breed in the All-Breeds division.

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Donna Emenegger
CEE RED EAGLE, aka "Bert"
Durango, CO

Evelyn Heath
Chicks Love Dolls
Kempner, TX

Melissa Ridder
Bell, aka "Cowbell"
Show Low, AZ

Connie Harris
Stephenville, TX

Thomas McCarthy
Juiced Up Jac
Granite Bay, CA

Nancy Stephens
Cascade Canyon in the Grand Teton National Park

Mia Schaefer
Dodgers Ragin Rojo
Park Rapids, MN

David Price
Jalapeno Superstar aka “Rooster”
Moncks Corner, SC

Kari Buck
Zippo’s Gold Exchange aka "Riley"
Sherburne, NY

Megan Comstock
Miss Poco 381 aka "Bee"
Raleigh, North Carolina

Morgan Wagner
FS Trips Rocking Bar
Dillsburg, PA



Log Your HBR Hours

There are two ways to log your hours for the AQHA Horseback Riding Program.
Log frequently and online to receive rewards sooner.

  1. Submit or view your hours online. Log in to AQHA online member portal to submit or view your hours. All hours logged online must be entered for the year by midnight Central time, December 31 each year.
  2. Download the American Quarter Horse Hourly Log Sheet and mail, email to or fax to 806-375-5197 to AQHA by the deadlines below.

Quarterly Deadlines for submitting Log Sheets:

January - March Hours Due in AQHA office by April 30
April - June Hours Due in AQHA office by July 31
July - September Hours Due in AQHA office by October 31
October - December Hours Due in AQHA office by December 31


For more information about the horseback riding program, please contact the Horseback Riding Team at