AQHA Horseback Riding Program: 5,000 Hour Awards

Congratulations to the Quarter Horse division Horseback Riding Program participants who have completed 5,000-hours.

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Amy DeRuiter
Tiebreaker Magic
Falmouth, Michigan
"Tie (Tiebreakermagic) is my heart horse.  My very handsome flashy boy. He is calm, and he is all I have ever wanted in a great trail horse.  We go on awesome adventures through nature together in the forests of Michigan. My absolute favorite memory from our HBR journey is when we would take a new trail never ridden before and just explore, come back home hours later refreshed and excited to do it again.  Tie and I have signed up again for another round of HBR experiences and I'm hoping to experience a closer bond with my horse.  Thank you for this great opportunity AQHA."


Tracie Gregg
Whizkey N A Gun aka “Dot”
Oracle, AZ
"This is my girl Whizkey N A Gun aka “Dot”. She is such a dream, not only is she a reiner, but I have taught her to smile, lay down, bow, several other tricks, and she is a really nice trail horse. This photo was of us helping our local fire department with traffic control for the Walk of Hope. She tries very hard to please, is smart, and has a great mind. I am not sure i can pin point just one favorite memory on my HBR journey, every day I am blessed to be with this amazing mare and to share her journey. My goals and plans for my next riding chapter are simple;  to go out and see more of this beautiful country we call home. And to maybe teach her a few more tricks along the way."

Wynna Urban
Royal Red Resolve & Royal Red Leona
Aiken, SC
"My three horses listed are my current trail horses.  I showed Step on a Bumble Bee in reining.  Royal Red Resolve was born on my farm.  I still have her dam Royal Red Leona who is age 31.  Via King ID Gage is  my beautiful blue roan. My favorite memory is a picture of me and my mom riding.   My mom is age 90 in the picture.  She is on Royal Red Leona and I’m riding her daughter Royal Red Resolve by Einstein aka Great Resolve.  So mothers & daughters (horses & humans) enjoyed each other. My current goal is to ride every day and enjoy my journey with my AQHA horse friends."


Cindy Spanel
Viteo Stylish Dream
Amarillo, Texas
"When Dreamer was born he was curious about me and would just follow me around.  He would run with me when I would run in the pasture and it was like having a puppy follow you.  His personality is such that he is curious about everything around him as if he’s looking for the answer to life.  My favorite memory is going to different places and states.  Our country has so much beauty and all I have to show for it is the memory in my mind because the one thing that Dreamer doesn’t like is if I would pull my phone out it always spooked him.  I couldn’t ever have my ringer on because that was his chance to bolt. I really would like to do a few other states’ trail rides in the next few years.  Just hope the gas prices don’t get in my way."








Log Your HBR Hours

There are two ways to log your hours for the AQHA Horseback Riding Program.
Log frequently and online to receive rewards sooner.

  1. Submit or view your hours online. Log in to AQHA online member portal to submit or view your hours. All hours logged online must be entered for the year by midnight Central time, December 31 each year.
  2. Download the American Quarter Horse Hourly Log Sheet and mail, email to or fax to 806-375-5197 to AQHA by the deadlines below.

Quarterly Deadlines for submitting Log Sheets:

January - March Hours Due in AQHA office by April 30
April - June Hours Due in AQHA office by July 31
July - September Hours Due in AQHA office by October 31
October - December Hours Due in AQHA office by December 31


For more information about the horseback riding program, please contact the Horseback Riding Team at