AQHA International Registration Application

The International Registration Application is used when registering a horse with AQHA after it has been issued a certificate of registration by an AQHA international affiliate operating a studbook that has been reviewed and approved by AQHA.

To register an American Quarter Horse with AQHA which has already been registered with an approved international studbook, please send the following:

  • Copy of the International Certificate.
  • 5 photographs of the horse consisting of views of the front, back, left side, right side and a three-quarter view clearly showing the face and all four feet; or, alternatively, submit a drawing of all white markings using the back of this form.
  • Completed copy of this application
  • AQHA Registration Fee ($50 for members; $115 for non-members). Payment must be in U.S. funds. Do not send cash. Check with your international affiliate regarding manner in which to submit such fee. If applicable and paying by credit card, fill out the credit card information at the bottom of this application.
  • Please send the completed application and any questions to 

Be aware of the following conditions and requirements:

  • The horse must trace to a minimum of 93.75 percent (15/16) lineage to horses issued numbered certificates by AQHA.
  • Genetic testing for parentage or disease may be required pursuant to AQHA Rules.
  • If a horse is not DNA typed through Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California-Davis (“UC Davis”), it will be necessary to type the horse through UC Davis if (1) the horse is exported outside of the country in which it was originally registered and is being used for breeding purposes or (2) the horse’s semen or embryos are shipped outside of the country in which it was originally registered.
  • Subject to certain requirements, AQHA will use the name printed on the International Certificate as the name listed in AQHA’s registration records.

International Affiliates with an Approved Studbook

Costa Rica
New Zealand
South Africa

International Registration Application