International Membership Summits and Discipline-Specific Seminars

Learn about ways to connect with AQHA in your region by attending a bi-annual membership summit, or expand your equine knowledge by finding the next scheduled discipline-specific summit near you.

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International Membership Summits

The AQHA International Department conducts bi-yearly membership summits in each of its four international membership regions: Australasia-Africa, Canada, Europe, and Latin America.  At these summits, AQHA leadership, staff and clinicians connect with membership regions in order to connect with leadership and members of the international affiliate organizations in that region. During the summits, AQHA provides updates on business activities that are most impactful for international members, as well as updates regarding international member programs that add value to engagement with AQHA and its affiliates. In addition to the business summit, AQHA provides a no-cost educational day to provide high-quality education on a topic important to the region, such as judge education or show management.
Short and long-term goals for improving international member service and adding programs of value for international members, as well as business plan goals for the affiliate organizations, are also discussed. Contact for more information.

2022 AQHA Summits and Seminars 

The AQHA International Department is excited for the upcoming 2022 AQHA Canadian and European Summits.  

Stay tuned to the AQHA International websitesocial media and newsletters for updates and additional information about the upcoming summits in 2023. 

Discipline-Specific Summits and Seminars

Discipline-specific summits and seminars are hosted in membership regions with a growing American Quarter Horse industry related to a specific discipline or aspect of the industry, such as racing, showing, ranching or breeding. Designed to be a benefit for current AQHA members, these summits and seminars encourage AQHA member engagement, provide AQHA sponsored education, and provide an opportunity for business discussions specifically aimed at moving that aspect of the industry forward. International affiliates are also invited to contact to discuss a discipline specific summit or seminar in their membership region.