Alliance Special Awards

AQHA recognizes its members, affiliates, horses and breeders with many prestigious awards.

AQHA/PRCA Horses of the Year

Since 1989, AQHA and the PRCA have recognized the top American Quarter Horses in the six timed events. Anyone can nominate a horse as long as it's an American Quarter Horse and its registration certificate is in the current owner's name. Then, near the end of the regular rodeo season, the nominees are voted on by the Top 25 contestants in their respective events.

The winners are recognized at a banquet in Las Vegas early in December prior to the start of the National Finals Rodeo. They receive a cash prize, an AQHA bronze. For more information on the program, send us an e-mail or call (806) 376-4811.

National High School Rodeo Awards

AQHA is a proud sponsor of National High School Rodeo Association student athletes. Each year, AQHA provides awards for state/provincial NHSRA/AQHA Boys and Girls Horse of the Year winners, in addition to recognizing the NHSFR/AQHA Boys and Girls Horse of the Year at the high school finals. 

National Intercollegiate Rodeo Awards

"Preserving Western heritage through collegiate rodeo", has been a theme repeated by the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association over the course of its fifty years of existence. Today these efforts are being made by more than 100 college rodeos a year, over 3,500 student members annually and 137 member schools and universities. AQHA proudly supports these student athletes who strive to preserve western heritage and the strength, versatility and intelligence of the American Quarter Horse. Each year, AQHA recognizes the AQHA/NIRA Men's and Women's Horses of the Year, at the College National Finals Rodeo.

Best Remuda Award and International Best Remuda Award

Remuda: "Group of working horses bred by the ranch specifically to work and pen cattle."

From the earliest trail drivers to the daily work of modern ranchers, no other tool has been more valuable to cattlemen than the working ranch horse. AQHA gives recognition to the outstanding foundation that ranch horses laid for the entire American Quarter Horse industry, both domestically and internationally, with the Best Remuda Award and International Best Remuda Award.

Year End Awards 

  • Justin Level 2 Exhibitor of the Year (State, Provincial and National)
  • Justin International Level 2 Exhibitor of the Year
  • Top 10 Year-End High-Point (Each event; Junior, Senior, Youth, Amateur)
  • Year-End High-Point (Each event; Junior, Senior, Youth, Amateur)
  • Year-End, All-Around High Point (Junior, Senior, Youth, Amateur)
  • Reserve Year-End, All-Around High Point Horse (Youth and Amateur)
  • Year-End, High-Point Exhibitor (Open)
  • Leading Contender (Open)
  • Level 1 completion (Youth and Amateur)

Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • Register of Merit (Halter and Performance)
  • Supreme Champion (Youth, Amateur, Open)
  • Superior All-Around
  • Supreme Performance Champion
  • Versatility Award
  • Champion
  • Performance Champion
  • Superior (Event) Horse

Horseback Riding Program Awards

Horseback Riding Program - Few things in life are sweeter than being rewarded for doing something you love. And that's what the AQHA Horseback Riding Program is all about. Because you earn terrific prizes just for saddling up.