2008 Stakes Winners

View the stakes winners from the 2008 Quarter Horse racing season.


Date Race Track Winner Purse
28 Far West Futurity Portland Meadows SC Captivator $35,000
28 Sunland Park Winter Derby (G2) Sunland Park Three Past Six $122,453
28 Sunland Park Winter Futurity (G2) Sunland Park Unbridled Jet $208,877
27 The Championship at Sunland Park (G1) Sunland Park First Moonflash $400,000
21 Lou WootenHandicap(RG1) Sunland Park Blazin N Shakin $125,000
20 First Down DashHandicap (G3) Los Alamitos Materialist $40,000
20 Challenger Six Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park NikThe Qwik $125,000
19 Paul B. Ford Memorial Stakes Los Alamitos Time For A Royal Dip $20,000
14 Turf Paradise Open Futurity (G3) Turf Paradise Kays Gunslinger $67,878
14 Southern California Derby(G1) Los Alamitos Short Czech $189,200
13 Champion of Champions(G1) Los Alamitos Jess You And I $750,000
13 Louisiana Champions Day Classic (RG1) Fair Grounds MCM Dozen Dasher $100,000
13 Louisiana Champions Day Derby(RG2) Fair Grounds Mon Ti Rose $100,000
13 LouisianaChampions Day Juvenile (RG2) Fair Grounds Martini Mountain $100,000
13 Jess Burner Memorial Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park First Moonflash $125,000
12 Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Tres Passes $1,954,250
12 Los Alamitos Juvenile Invitational Stakes Los Alamitos Vrrroom $40,000
7 Zia Park Championship (G1) Zia Park Ketel Won $184,845


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Southwest Juvenile Championship Stakes (G1) Zia Park Brenda Beautiful $300,000
30 Black Gold Derby(R) Blue Ribbon Downs Gaberil Horn $70,196
30 Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG3) Blue Ribbon Downs Fly On Lake $288,541
29 Las Damas Handicap(G2) Los Alamitos Strength In Numbers $40,000
29 Texas Classic Futurity (G1) LoneStarPark Mr Queens Mystery $1,154,802
29 Texas Classic Derby (G1) Lone Star Park DMNV Mountable $383,756
29 New Mexico Fillies & Mares ChampionshipStakes (R) Zia Park Ms Regard $149,845
29 Oklahoma Bred Championship Stakes (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Streakin Postoak $31,450
28 Hipodromode las Americas Stakes Lone Star Park Dashing O Toole $15,000
28 Joe B. Turner Memorial Stakes Lone Star Park Special Headlines $15,000
28 Rheudasil Handicap Lone Star Park Check On Chico $20,000
23 King RickRack Stakes Zia Park First To Ramble $62,580
23 Corona Cartel Stakes Turf Paradise Hez Fast As Cash $15,000
23 Portland Meadows Fall Derby Portland Meadows DevonDat Cash $16,500
22 Lone Star Park Distance Championship Stakes Lone Star Park Vital Winner $20,000
21 Z. Wayne Griffin Director's Stakes (G3) Los Alamitos Little Bit Of Baja $20,000
16 Arizona QRA Futurity (R) Turf Paradise FPG Junior $37,525
15 Corona Chick Handicap Los Alamitos Saturday NiteFever $25,000
14 Dashing Folly Handicap Los Alamitos Prissy B Panther $16,000
9 Los Alamitos Super Derby(G1) Los Alamitos One Famous Eagle $933,750
9 AQRA Turf Paradise Open Derby Turf Paradise Head Bud $35,947
9 New Mexico Cup Futurity (RG1) Zia Park Rabbit Revival $375,143
9 New Mexico Cup Derby (RG1) Zia Park First Moonflash $218,018
9 New Mexico Cup Championship (RG1) Zia Park Now Heza Blazin $180,460
9 New Mexico Cup 870 Championship (RG1) ZiaPark Devons Easy Lane $148,230
9 Bradford Stakes (G3) Hoosier Park Senorita Tres $33,450
8 Scott Lewis Handicap Los Alamitos Time For A Royal Dip $17,000
8 B.F. Phillips Jr. Handicap (R) Lone Star Park Killer Bod $30,000
8 Gridiron Gallop Handicap Lone Star Park Anna Pavlova $15,000
8 Merial Distaff Challenge Championship (G1) Evangeline Downs Snow Burn $125,000
8 Bank of America Challenge Championship (G1) Evangeline Downs WRS Special Shoe $350,000
8 Bayer Legend Derby Challenge Championship (G1) Evangeline Downs Gallant Ways $200,000
8 Red Cell Distance Challenge Championship (G1) Evangeline Downs High On Cat $125,000
8 Ford Juvenile Challenge Championship(G2) Evangeline Downs UnbridledJet $150,000
8 Fort Dodge Starter Allowance Challenge Championship Evangeline Downs Honor Me Good $75,000
8 Louisiana QHBA Futurity (RG1) Evangeline Downs Jet BlackPatriot $545,669
8 Louisiana Derby(RG3) Evangeline Downs MCM Dont Look Back $80,600
8 FarnamStakes Evangeline Downs Streakin Victor $25,000
8 John Deere Stakes Evangeline Downs Wowzer Won $25,000
8 AQHA Members Plus Stakes Evangeline Downs Sin Tacha Perry $25,000
8 LQHBA Juvenile Invitational Stakes (R) Evangeline Downs Listen To TheWind $96,298
8 Cravins Dash Stakes Evangeline Downs MCM Dozen Dasher $26,700
7 The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal Stakes EvangelineDowns JW Rocks $25,000
7 Los Alamitos Distance Stakes Evangeline Downs FirstDown Toro $25,000
7 JEH Stallion Station Handicap Lone Star Park Six Moons Streakin $20,000
2 Sandia Handicap The Downs at Albuquerque No Scrubs $50,000
2 Baxter Andruss Oregon Bred Futurity (R) Portland Meadows Lightnin Storm Cloud $39,500
1 Golden State Million Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Tres Passes $1,386,500
1 Golden State Juvenile Stakes Los Alamitos Louisiana Senator $35,000
1 Lovington Stakes (G2) Zia Park Mr Perry Dash $58,000
1 Indiana Breed Development Juvenile Stakes (R) HoosierPark

DH - Make It Anywhere

DH - TS Speedy Bar

1 Indiana Breed Development Stakes(R) Hoosier Park Special Flyin Darlin $30,500


Date Race Track Winner Purse
26 Mexican QH Breeders' Derby (RG3) Hipodromodelas Americas Fanatica $36,816
26 Kansas Jackpot Futurity (RG2) Blue Ribbon Downs Bright Eyed Vision $53,613
26 Kansas Jackpot Derby (RG3) Blue Ribbon Downs TRs Dashing Cash $18,992
26 Black Gold 350 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Deep In The South $95,000
25 Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Ten Oclock Scholar $200,000
25 Dash For Cash Juvenile Stakes Lone Star Park Jess Cranky $59,105
25 DashFor Cash Derby(G1) Lone Star Park Swingin Jess $206,300
25 DashFor Cash Futurity (G1) Lone Star Park Show Me Your Toole $531,945
25 All American Congress Futurity (G3) Beulah Park Hez Fastforthecash $49,537
25 All American Congress Derby Beulah Park Chickinabrownwrapper $24,688
25 All American CongressMaturity Beulah Park Make It Crown $22,288
25 Buckeye Futurity (R) BeulahPark Beduinos Cat $20,270
25 Buttons and Bows Stakes (G3) The Downs at Albuquerque Anywhere Chic $50,000
25 OQHRA Fall Classic Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs Streakin Postoak $22,500
24 6666 RanchHandicap Lone Star Park Coronas Leaving You $20,000
19 J'NL Breeders' Classic Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Jess Like Pa $56,765
19 Alberta Bred Futurity (RG3) Whoop-Up Downs Cash In The Coin $66,104
19 Bank of America West/Southwest Challenge (G2) Turf Paradise I Opening Sensation $76,230
19 Ford West/Southwest Juvenile Challenge Turf Paradise Unbridled Jet $39,510
18 Yambilee Stakes Evangeline Downs Snowy Alibi $21,800
18 Herman Jefferson Stakes Zia Park Cronus $57,580
18 Horsemen's Open Derby Whoop-Up Downs Okies Red Warrior $19,674
17 Evangeline Downs Challenge Stakes EvangelineDowns St Pats First $50,000
17 David A.Yount Memorial Stakes Evangeline Downs Star Ryons Load $22,000
17 Grand Prairie Classic Stakes Lone Star Park JC My Diamond Man $15,000
12 New Mexico Championship (R) The Downs at Albuquerque Gotta Get $60,000
12 Hobbs America Derby (G2) Zia Park Noconi $155,065
12 Hobbs America Futurity (G2) Zia Park Brenda Beautiful $272,650
11 Autumn Handicap Los Alamitos Blue Piranha $25,000
11 Hoosier Park Classic Stakes Hoosier Park Scraw Barie Shake $32,000
11 QHRA of Indiana Derby Hoosier Park OkeyDokey Irish $29,350
11 Governor's Stakes Hoosier Park DNA Chrystalandstone $29,300
11 Oklahoma Centennial Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs Party Time Tommy $22,000
11 O.B. CockerellHandicap The Downs at Albuquerque SF Royal Bank $50,000
10 Sprint Handicap Los Alamitos Go Love A Lark Go $17,000
10 Kool Kue Baby Handicap Lone Star Park Eye Caughtcha Peekin $20,000
4 PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Sixish $500,000
4 Lubbock Stakes (G2) Zia Park Da Edge $55,360
4 Refridgerator Handicap (G1) Lone Star Park DiamondTres Seis $100,000
3 PCQHRA Breeders' Derby (G2) Los Alamitos Checker $170,000
3 Blane Schvaneveldt Handicap LosAlamitos Vis Special $50,000
3 Intermountain OvernightHandicap Los Alamitos Honor Me Good $17,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
28 Idaho Falls Futurity Sandy Downs Streakin Cherry Cola $27,550
28 Mexico Futurity Hipodromo de las Americas Calientes Wrangler $28,000
28 Invitational Sales Stakes (R) Evangeline Downs Listen To The Wind $50,594
28 Louisiana QHBA Futurity (RG1) Evangeline Downs Devins Secret $286,700
27 GoMan Go Handicap(G1) Los Alamitos Jess You And I $110,350
27 Bayer Legend Derby Challenge Blue Ribbon Downs Hijo De Villa $48,240
27 Ford Oklahoma Juvenile Challenge Blue Ribbon Downs Chilled Wine $45,090
27 Red River Stakes Lone StarPark City Class $17,500
26 Classic Chevrolet Heartbeat of America Stakes Lone StarPark Eyesa Jumpn $30,000
21 Quarter Horse CupClassic Stakes Whoop Up Downs Its All About Speed $16,762
21 New Mexico State Fair Breeders' Derby Downs at Albuquerque Tunes $67,637
21 Pomona Championship Stakes FairplexPark Value The Man $20,750
21 Black Gold 350 Futurity Blue Ribbon Downs BP Southern Mariah $95,000
21 Alex Picov MemorialChampionship (G3) Ajax Downs Illbegoneinajazz $123,050
20 Billy Montgomery Stakes Evangeline Downs MCM Dont LookBack $27,850
20 Mildred Vessels Memorial Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos Stylish Jess BR $250,000
20 New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque BP Shes Southern $97,778
20 New Mexico State Fair Senor Futurity(RG3) Downs at Albuquerque DRH Jamin Miracle $98,181
20 ValleyJunction Futurity (G2) Prairie Meadows Rarely Makes It Home $156,850
20 Iowa Stallion Futurity(R) Prairie Meadows Dig AlittleDeeper $53,300
20 Two Rivers Stakes (G3) Prairie Meadows TRS Dashin Rona $30,000
20 Canada Cup Futurity (RG3) Whoop Up Downs Tres D Man $95,240
20 Canada Cup Derby(RG3) Whoop Up Downs Hawks Halo $38,763
20 James Isaac Hobbs Stakes (G2) ZiaPark Little Bit Of Ah Ha $57,190
19 Covered Bridges Stakes (G3) Prairie Meadows First To Ramble $26,100
19 Altoona Derby(G3) Prairie Meadows Jessthelouisianagirl $59,100
19 Iowa Stallion Derby (R) Prairie Meadows TRs Dashing Cash $41,300
14 Mexican QHA Yearling Sale Derby(RG3) Hipodromo de lasAmericas Disclosure Gives $69,077
14 Budweiser Mt. Pleasant Meadows Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Take Off Reb $36,440
14 YellowstoneDownsFuturity Yellowstone Downs Flash N Passion $24,125
14 WhoopUp Distance Stakes Whoop Up Downs Tough Mix $16,586
13 Miss Blackhawk Stakes Prairie Meadows Dads On A Prowl $22,900
13 Gridiron Special Stakes Prairie Meadows TRs Dashin Rona $23,180
13 QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Auction Futurity (RG3) Hoosier Park Kellers Quick $71,685
13 QHRA of Indiana Stallion ServiceAuction Derby(R) Hoosier Park ScrawBarie Shake $30,407
12 John Deere Turfway Park Stakes Turfway Park Georgia Halo $25,000
6 Sgt Pepper Feature Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Materialist $35,000
6 SamHouston Derby(G2) Sam HoustonRace Park Easy Dashin Sixes $121,100
5 Bank of America California Challenge (G2) Los Alamitos Leading Spirit $76,500
5 Sam Houston Futurity (G1) Sam Houston Race Park First Down Mr Jess $335,200
1 AllAmerican Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs Stolis Winner $1,900,000
1 All American Juvenile Invitational Stakes (R) Ruidoso Downs Kool Cade $150,000
1 La Mariposa Stakes (G3) Downs at Albuquerque Fitness Lady $50,000
1 Elko Intermountain Futurity Elko County Fair JR Corona Jazz $52,500
1 Elko Intermountain Derby Elko County Fair Vodka With Ice $27,500
1 North Dakota Bred Futurity (R) North Dakota Horse Park Shake Em Diva $16,195
1 Bluebonnet Stakes Sam HoustonRace Park Zazoom $15,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Mt. PleasantMeadows Handicap Mt. Pleasant Meadows Senorita Tres $15,000
31 Sam Houston Distance Derby Sam HoustonRace Park JC My Diamond Man $18,500
31 North Dakota Bred Derby (R) North Dakota Horse Park DrippingDiamond $15,090
31 ManuelLujan Stakes Downs at Albuquerque RimeHas A Chick $50,000
31 Oklahoma Bred Futurity (RG2) Blue Ribbon Downs Cuz Eye Said $102,870
31 CashCaravan Stakes (R) Canterbury Park Sociabull $22,100
31 Yavapai Downs Futurity (G3) Yavapai Downs B Effort $48,022
31 Utah Sires Fall Futurity Elko County Fair JP What You Say $34,437
31 All American Derby(G1) Ruidoso Downs Noconi $1,065,648
30 Golden State Derby (G1) Los Alamitos One Famous Eagle $313,900
30 Governor's Cup Marathon Handicap (G3) Sam Houston Race Park Wood Climber $42,000
30 Louie Curtis/Robert Kieckhefer Memorial Stakes Yavapai Downs A FasterStreaker $15,000
30 All American Gold Cup (G3) Ruidoso Downs Ketel Won $50,000
30 Brigand Handicap (G3) RuidosoDowns Tricky Dust $40,000
30 Oklahoma Bred Derby (RG3) Blue Ribbon Downs Flying Fit $41,583
29 Ford California Juvenile Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Miracles N Perks $41,760
29 Zia 870 Championship (RG3) Ruidoso Downs Contradictions $55,000
29 Sam Houston Classic Stakes (G2) Sam HoustonRace Park Diamond Tres Seis $61,000
24 John Deere Bonus Enerpan Sprint Stakes Northlands Park Heart Streakin $21,277
24 Vieux Carre Stakes Fair Grounds Snowy Alibi $40,000
24 Merial New Mexico Distaff Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Rainbows N Diamonds $37,440
24 Red River Derby North Dakota Horse Park No Temper Here $15,000
24 Gillespie County Fair Futurity (G3) Gillespie County Fair Forspeed Breezer $131,250
23 Texas Twister Stakes Sam Houston Race Park XO Kate $20,250
23 Future of Iowa Stakes (RG3) Prairie Meadows Nanas Nite Mare $54,000
23 Jim Bader Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Fly Me Anywhere $87,600
23 Polk County Derby(RG3) Prairie Meadows Steppin Anywhere $66,400
23 Terrace Hill Stakes (RG3) Prairie Meadows WRS Special Shoe $52,500
23 Merial Canada Distaff Challenge EvergreenPark I Opening Sensation $17,732
23 GCFA Texas-Bred Stakes (R) Gillespie County Fair Special Willie $17,200
23 Lakeview Stakes Fair Grounds First Down Toro $40,000
23 Mid-City Stakes (R) Fair Grounds MCM DozenDasher $40,000
23 Garden District Stakes FairGrounds A Lil Tres Seis $40,000
23 Don Steele Memorial Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs Hijo De Villa $22,500
22 North Dakota Horse Park Futurity North Dakota Horse Park Righteous Tessa $15,300
22 MerialCalifornia Distaff Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Blazin Fire $24,300
20 City Park Stakes (R) Fair Grounds BJs Dasher $40,000
17 Ford Mexico Juvenile Challenge Hipodromo de las Americas Calientes Wrangler $34,618
17 All Canadian Futurity Ajax Downs Dianetobewitcha $86,507
17 All Canadian Derby Ajax Downs Feature Lucy $90,474
17 San Mateo Stakes San Mateo County Fair at Bay Meadows Secret Walk $15,000
17 Minnesota Derby (R) Canterbury Park Okey Dokey Irish $23,550
17 Minnesota Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Call Me Mr Nibs $22,750
17 Pelican Stakes(RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Rime Has AChick $50,000
17 Lineage Championship (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Call My Bank $50,000
17 John AugustineStakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Devons EasyLane $50,000
17 Hard TwistStakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Know The Way $50,000
17 GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Futurity (R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows She My Payoff $15,000
17 GLQHA Stallion Service SaleDerby(R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Im The Saint $17,321
17 Diamond Classic Futurity (R) Wyoming Downs Proud Fame $47,105
17 Yavapai Downs Derby (G3) Yavapai Downs BeautifulWorld $41,255
16 TQHA Sires' Cup Stakes (R) Sam Houston RacePark Bridled Lightnin $16,000
16 Special Hank Handicap Downs at Albuquerque Makamaddash $50,000
16 John Hoak Memorial/Capitol Racing Futurity Les Bois Park FullBoat $62,035
16 Black Gold 300 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Kbdontcloseyoureye $93,100
15 Boise Derby Les Bois Park A Royal Dervish $28,764
15 Spring ChryslerJeep Dodge Stakes Sam HoustonRace Park Cash At TheLine $18,250
10 Bayer Legend Mexico Derby Challenge Hipodromo delas Americas Mr Jess Dash $35,543
10 Oneida County Fair Futurity Oneida County Fair BCR Attack Kitten $24,375
10 Mile High Futurity (G2) Arapahoe Park ZoomTo The Money $114,430
9 Bank of America Central Challenge (G2) Prairie Meadows Chances Are I Will $73,350
9 Bayer Legend Central Derby Challenge (G3) Prairie Meadows Gallant Ways $39,150
9 Red Cell West/Southwest Distance Challenge WyomingDowns Weber $22,680
9 TQHA Sires' Cup Derby (RG3) Sam HoustonRace Park Eyesa Sam $72,958
9 CharlieClabornStakes Blue Ribbon Downs Eyesa County Miss $22,500
9 Bank of America Canada Challenge (G3) EvergreenPark Its All About Speed $51,748
9 Idaho Cup Derby(R) Les Bois Park Hydrostatic $17,545
9 Idaho Cup Futurity (R) Les Bois Park Miss Shake Em Bug $26,577
9 Mile High Derby(G2) Arapahoe Park Sweet Macho $69,685
8 ShakeThe Bank Stakes Hipodromode las Americas Miss Cindy Cashmaker $17,660
8 Vespero Handicap Los Alamitos Go Love A Lark Go $17,000
8 Red Cell Central Distance Challenge Prairie Meadows First To Ramble $23,940
8 Ford Central Juvenile Challenge (G3) Prairie Meadows The TinMan Can $42,660
8 Merial Central Distaff Challenge Prairie Meadows Shaky Girl $25,380
3 Margie Bryan ASOA Futurity Yavapai Downs FPG Junior $37,929
3 All Canadian Classic Stakes Ajax Downs Rockish $65,426
3 NorthCentral QHRA Futurity(R) Canterbury Park Call Me Mr Nibs $32,950
3 Zia Futurity (RG1) Ruidoso Downs Man OnThe Move $350,824
3 Zia Derby (RG2) Ruidoso Downs JessOught To Flash $132,955
3 Zia Handicap (RG2) Ruidoso Downs Leonas TR $55,000
3 Ford New Mexico Juvenile Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Red Oak Special $65,430
3 Rocky MountainQHA Championship Arapahoe Park Chick Chasin Cowboy $16,000
2 Ford Canada Juvenile Challenge Evergreen Park Global Exciter $25,108
2 JohnDeere Bonus Midwest Maturity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Hez Flyin With Class $18,600
2 The Woodlands Stakes Sam Houston Race Park Jack Pudding $19,000
2 Mr Jet Moore Handicap(G3) Ruidoso Downs Catscape $40,000
1 Mini Rock Handicap Los Alamitos Wicked RoyalCartel $17,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
27 Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Futurity (RG1) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Spit Curl Diva $423,400
27 Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Derby(RG2) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Ima Candy Suspect $112,900
27 Alberta Bred Derby (R) Evergreen Park Pow Wow Lane $36,256
27 North Central QHRA Derby (R) Canterbury Park OkeyDokey Irish $20,900
26 Great Falls HRA Futurity Great Falls Go Dashing Perry $15,500
26 Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1) Los Alamitos Hard Hitting $495,000
26 Governor's Cup Derby(RG1) Los Alamitos Really A First $135,000
26 Spencer L. Childers California Breeders'Champsionship (RG1) Los Alamitos Ten Oclock Scholar $165,650
26 California Breeders' Matron Stakes (RG2) Los Alamitos Fly Bar Special $51,015
26 CaliforniaBreeders'Sprint Stakes (RG3) Los Alamitos Corona Private Jet $28,450
26 California Breeders' Debutante Stakes (R) LosAlamitos Forgive Him $26,500
26 Jens L. List Jr.Memorial California Breeders' Stakes (R) Los Alamitos Fighter On Fire $28,850
26 California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R)-2nd division Los Alamitos Show Me A Beduino $27,775
26 California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R)-1st division Los Alamitos Buffalo Head $27,775
26 California Breeders' 550 Sophomore Stakes (R) Los Alamitos Much Admired $28,900
26 Bonnett-Brodon Futurity Evergreen Park Dashtothedealer $20,241
26 TQHASale Futurity (RG1) Sam HoustonRace Park Jodys Money Pop $418,984
26 Master SallsHandicap Ruidoso Downs Makamaddash $40,000
25 Barnmaster Sprint Stakes (RG3) Sam Houston Race Park This Flights For You $50,500
25 Gulf Coast 4 Star Trailer 550 Stakes (RG3) Sam HoustonRace Park Thewayitallwentdown $50,500
25 Ancira Ford Classic Stakes (RG3) Sam HoustonRace Park Easy Dashin Sixes $54,750
20 Rainbow Futurity (G1) RuidosoDowns Stolis Winner $625,000
20 Rainbow Juvenile Invitational Stakes RuidosoDowns Buildemhigh $18,400
20 DashIn A Flash Stakes Canterbury Park Wheely Fast $15,000
20 Mt. Pleasant Meadows Derby Mt. Pleasant Meadows Rockindigo $15,000
20 Manitoba Speed Horse Futurity Assiniboia Downs Rockinrollin Nolan $20,382
19 Manitoba Speed Horse Derby Assiniboia Downs Smart Sapphire $21,377
19 Cherokee Nation Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Cuz Eye Said $26,750
19 Fair Meadows Juvenile Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Apolloonamission $27,000
19 Los Alamitos Stakes Los Alamitos Georgia Halo $17,888
19 Enchanted Stakes The Red Mile ChicsLove Stones $17,175
19 Silver Dollar Futurity (RG3) WyomingDowns Mr Quickster $62,827
19 TQHA Futurity (R) Gillespie County Fair Ace Cinnan $65,000
19 Rainbow Derby (G1) Ruidoso Downs Heartswideopen $460,944
18 Ford Harrod Stakes The Red Mile First Down Beaus $15,000
18 John Deere Bonus Lexington Sprint Stakes The RedMile Jessluvchicks $15,000
13 Garanones Futurity (RG3) Hipodromo de las Americas LB Corona Clown $168,371
13 Lee Burwick Memorial Futurity (RG1) Delta Downs Jet Black Patriot $512,300
13 Flashy Hemp Stakes (R) Delta Downs Callies First Effort $50,000
13 Louisiana Juvenile Stakes (R) Delta Downs Martini Mountain $50,000
13 Live Oak Stakes (RG2) Delta Downs SlinkysFortune $50,000
13 Louisiana Classic Stakes (RG1) Delta Downs AB Hope For Cash $100,000
13 Vinton Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Vals Warrior $50,000
13 Wyoming All-Breeds Derby (R) Wyoming Downs Genes Effort $16,650
13 Wyoming All-Breeds Futurity (R) Wyoming Downs Corona With Lime $33,947
13 GLQHA Michigan Bred Futurity (R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Hez Fastforthecash $18,054
13 BayerLegend West/Southwest Derby Challenge (G3) Arapahoe Park Lone Star Stoli $36,540
13 Merial West/Southwest DistaffChallenge (G3) Arapahoe Park Fitness Lady $34,020
12 Bank of America Texas Challenge (G1) Sam HoustonRacePark Sassys Tuffy $114,680
12 Bayer Legend Texas Derby Challenge (G3) Sam HoustonRacePark Jessie O Toole $64,080
12 Merial Texas Distaff Challenge (G3) Sam Houston Race Park Very Dashin 123 $33,930
12 Red Cell Texas Distance Challenge (G3) Sam Houston Race Park Heza Marquette Maker $22,185
12 Keokuk Stakes (G3) Prairie Meadows Cruzin To Victory $36,888
12 Blane Schvaneveldt Cowboy Classic Futurity Womying Downs JR Corona Jazz $41,650
12 Rocky Mountain Futurity (G3) Arapahoe Park Mighty Shazoom $84,445
11 TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG2) Sam HoustonRace Park Lightning Round $140,800
6 Mexican Derby Hipodromo de las Americas Sandra Aguerrida $26,818
6 Rocky Heinzig Stakes (G3) Fair Meadows at Tulsa LD American Maid $27,500
6 Easy Date Handicap Los Alamitos Clydette Mia $17,000
6 Northlands Futurity (G3) Canterbury Park Holland North $61,150
6 Don Boyd Memorial Handicap Mt. Pleasant Meadows Jessluvchicks $20,700
5 Iowa Double GoldDerby (RG3) Prairie Meadows Rspecial Chick $65,000
5 Iowa Double Gold Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Fly Me Anywhere $112,520
5 IQHRA Fall Sale Futurity (RG3) PrairieMeadows I Shine Now $63,958
5 Bank ofAmerica Northwest Challenge (G2) Les Bois Park Vis Special $77,940
5 Red Cell Northwest Distance Challenge Les Bois Park Vital Winner $19,440
5 Ford Northwest Juvenile Challenge (G3) Les Bois Park Snazzy Special Lead $56,430
5 Bayer Legend Northwest Derby Challenge (G3) Les Bois Park Decati $51,030
5 Vandy's Flash Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Materialist $35,000
5 Fair Meadows Maturity (G3) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Streakin Postoak $27,500
5 Walter Merrick Memorial Stakes (RG3) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Pure D Honey $26,750
5 Jaguar Rocket Stakes (R) Indiana Downs Money Makin Fool $30,100
5 Firecracker Futurity (G1) Delta Downs Swingin N Ease $236,000
5 Firecracker Derby (G2) Delta Downs Zazoom $93,700
5 Miss Polly Classic Stakes (G3) Delta Downs Sky Patriot $40,000
5 Virgil Bond Stakes Delta Downs Seminole Injun $25,000
5 Hill Country Dash Stakes Gillespie Co. Fair Dress Me Anywhere $18,400
5 Higheasterjet Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Dr Proctor $40,000
5 Mean Competitor Stakes Canterbury Park First To Ramble $27,250
4 Silestone Stakes (R) Sam Houston Race Park Panther Purr $24,250
4 Grants Pass Firecracker Futurity Grants Pass Downs Cathy Jos Quick Cash $37,950
4 Kansas Bred Futurity (R) Eureka Downs LB Set Em Up Jack $38,220
4 Great Lakes Stakes (G3) Canterbury Park Silver Fastbac $30,300
3 Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Sweet Merrie $28,300


Date Race Track Winner Purse
29 Canterbury Park Derby (G3) Canterbury Park Mr La Bubba $41,000
29 New Mexico Horseman's Association Handicap (R) SunRayPark Devons Easy Lane $75,000
29 Tommy Duke Smith Handicap(R) SunRay Park Leonas TR $75,000
28 Golden Driller Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Eyesa Country Miss $27,500
28 Desert Classic Derby (R) Yavapai Downs Beautiful World $31,065
28 Independence Day Handicap LosAlamitos Lassen Country $35,000
28 Stephen F. Austin Stakes (R) Sam Houston Race Park St Pats First $24,250
28 All Canadian Open Futurity Whoop UpDowns Sixawon $29,070
27 Bayer Legend Canda Derby Challenge Whoop Up Downs Keepin Class $31,611
22 Bayer Legend CaliforniaDerby Challenge (G3) Los Alamitos Catchinon $40,410
22 Garanones Derby (R) Hipodromo de las Americas Sandra Aguerrida $35,922
22 Michigan Bred Derby(R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Sneorita Tres $16,155
22 Dutch Masters III Futurity Jerome, Idaho Mr Perfect Fame $15,557
22 Retama ParkFuturity (G1) Retama Park Zoomin Toll $279,855
22 Retama Park Juvenile Stakes Retama Park CC Toasting Warrior $31,095
22 Old Timers Classic Stakes Whoop Up Downs Six PackOf Corona $17,304
22 MarathonHandicap SunRay Park Vital Winner $50,000
22 Prescott Valley Laddie/Lassie Futurity (G3) Yavapai Downs Time For Zoom $57,238
21 Ed Burke Million Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Foose $1,155,000
21 Ed Burke Juvenile Stakes Los Alamitos Tres Passes $35,000
21 Expo Square Stakes Fair Meadows at Tulsa Parklane Tee $22,500
21 Retama Park Derby (G2) Retama Park Easy DashinSixes $142,100
21 All Canadia OpenDerby Whoop UpDowns White Fish $15,239
21 Four Corners Futurity (G3) SunRay Park Go Southern Special $96,800
20 Vessels Maturity (G1) Los Alamitos Frankie Shoots $150,000
20 Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame Stakes (G3) Retama Park Sory Nickita Bola $25,000
15 Maple LeafFuturity Ajax Downs Dianetobewitcha $47,608
15 Jodys Glory Stakes Hipodromo de las Americas Calientes Wrangler $49,545
15 Father's Day Gold Cup Stakes Mt. Pleasant Meadows Hayden Quinn $15,000
15 La Plata Stakes(G3) SunRay Park Corona High $50,000
15 Mark T Bars Stakes Yavapai Downs Needle And Spoon $15,000
15 Ruidoso Horse Sale Futurity (RG2) Ruidoso Downs Hearts Runaway $180,969
15 Lucille Rowe Derby (RG3) Arapahoe Park Fast Sheza $52,325
14 Utah Classic Futurity (R) Laurel Brown BF Checkthischic $37,642
14 Delta Downs Louisiana Breeders' Derby(RG1) Delta Downs FirstDashin Bye $165,800
14 Mr Jess Perry Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs AB Hope For Cash $50,000
14 Blue River Derby(R) Indiana Downs ScrawBarie Shake $25,000
14 San Marcos Handicap Retama Park Blue Ribbon Dash $17,500
14 New Mexico Breeders' Association Handicap(RG3) SunRay Park Smith And West $75,000
14 Bayer Legend New Mexico Derby Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Jess My Moon $47,970
14 Kansas Jackpot Prep Futurity (R) Eureka Downs I Noah Can $20,032
14 Cherry Creek Futurity(RG3) Arapahoe Park Bully Eyes $75,780
8 Kissto Yawl Handicap(G3) Hipodromo de las Americas Sophastacat $30,909
8 Develop A Plan Stakes Delta Downs Diamond Tres Seis $25,000
8 Ruidoso Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs Jess Significant $500,000
8 Ruidoso Juvenile Stakes RuidosoDowns PB And Crackers $18,400
8 GLQHA Michigan Sires' Futurity (R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Magics Runnin Buff $24,090
8 Earl Clark Futurity Mt. PleasantMeadows First Downs Beaus $19,080
8 Skip Zimmerman Memorial Stakes (G3) Canterbury Park Silver Fastbac $30,600
8 American Flyer Stakes Arapahoe Park Chick Chasin Cowboy $15,000
7 Fair Meadows Belles Stakes(G3) Fair Meadows Eyesa Country Miss $22,500
7 Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Derby(RG2) Fair Meadows A Cartel Fling $85,600
7 Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Futurity (RG2) Fair Meadows Iwannamakeitwithyou $126,700
7 Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Derby(R) Canterbury Park Rare Inca Bug $18,100
7 Ruidoso Derby(G1) Ruidoso Downs Heartswideopen $388,830
1 Maple Leaf Derby Ajax Downs First Kool Money $45,091
1 Ajax Downs Classic Stakes AjaxDowns Rockish $54,552
1 Rocky Mountain SpringClassic Futurity Pocatello Downs JP Zoeyslittlesecret $31,000
1 Heritage Place Futurity (G1) Remington Park Stolis Winner $1,106,320
1 Heritage Place Derby (G1) Remington Park DMNV Mountable $237,360
1 Remington Park Invitational Championship (G1) Remington Park Chances Are I Will $150,000
1 Easy Jet Stakes (RG3) Remington Park Dance Across Thewire $50,000
1 Heritage Place Juvenile Stakes Remington Park Oak College Special $25,000
1 Land Run Stakes (R) Remington Park Duck Mea Running $50,000
1 New MexicoBreeders' Futurity (RG2) SunRay Park Roll A Miracle $126,900
1 Ring of Roses Derby Mt. Pleasant Meadows Senorita Tres $15,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Colors of the Wind Handicap RetamaPark Dulce Bye N Bye $17,500
31 RemingtonPark Distance Handicap (G3) Remington Park Just Blink $35,000
31 Junos Request Stakes (G3) Remington Park Eyesa Country Miss $53,850
31 Animas Stakes SunRay Park BCR Flyin Bayou $50,000
26 Aberdeen Open Derby Brown County Fair Hasta Be Fast $16,500
26 Aberdeen South Dakota Bred Futurity (R) Brown County Fair Smashingly Classic $17,265
26 Fine Loom Handicap Ruidoso Downs Tricky Dust $40,000
26 Bitterroot Futurity (RG2) Les Bois Park Snazzy SpecialLead $103,068
26 Triple Eleven Stakes Will Rogers Downs Parklane Tee $25,000
25 Mexican QHAClassic (R) Hipodromode lasAmericas Sandra Aguerrida $29,091
25 Aberdeen Open Futurity Brown County Fair Brother Vern $16,700
25 Robert Haubeck Memorial Stakes YavapaiDowns Bold Henry $15,000
25 Canterbury Park Express Stakes (G3) Canterbury Park SilverFastbac $29,600
25 Dash For Speed Handicap ArapahoePark Chick ChasinCowboy $16,650
24 Tower of the Americas Handicap Retama Park Gray Invasion $17,500
24 Bitterroot Derby(R) Les Bois Park Checker $22,560
24 Indiana Downs Classic Stakes Indiana Downs Senorita Tres $17,500
24 Delta 550 Championship (RG3) Delta Downs Play Fast $40,000
24 Spring Fling Stakes (R) Canterbury Park First Hand Luke $16,750
23 El Ocho Setenta Handicap Los Alamitos Snatch The Cash (TB) $17,000
18 Bucking Horse Futurity Miles City, Montana Takota Fame Dancer $20,000
17 Beehive Futurity (R) Laurel Brown El Bucanas $43,246
17 Double D Futurity Laurel Brown Rarely Dasher $23,837
17 Kindergarten Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Revv It Up $340,150
17 Bank of America East Challenge (G2) Delta Downs Heza Fast Classic $81,450
17 Ford East Juvenile Challenge (G3) Delta Downs A Lil Tres Seis $49,500
17 Bayer Legend East Derby Challenge (G3) Delta Downs ThisFlights For You $41,580
17 Merial East Distaff Challenge Delta Downs I Opening Sensation $30,150
17 Red Cell East Distance Challenge (G3) Delta Downs Seminole Injun $20,642
17 Live Oak Stakes (R) Retama Park Pretty Special Perry $20,000
17 Rocky Mountain Turf Club Classic Stakes Whoop Up Downs Snowy Flyer $17,600
11 Bank ofAmerica Oklahoma Challenge(G1) RemingtonPark Okey Dokey Fonda $102,690
11 Merial Oklahoma Distaff Challenge (G3) Remington Park Eye Caughtcha Peekin $42,930
11 Red Cell Oklahoma Distance Challenge (G3) RemingtonPark High On Cat $43,560
11 Mother's Day Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Cute N Shiny $40,000
10 Ford Texas Juvenile Challenge (G3 Retama Park Brother Grimm $67,500
10 Mother'sDay Silver Cup Stakes Mt. Pleasant Meadows Cash Is Groovy $15,000
9 Universal City Handicap Retama Park Blue Ribbon Dash $17,500
4 Merial Mexico Distaff Challenge Hipodromo de las Americas Mekita $23,290
4 Santa Cruz County Derby Santa CruzCo. Fair Feeling So Sweet $16,000
4 Sudden Impact Handicap Remington Park Dads On A Prowl $36,400
4 Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Derby (R) Ft. Pierre TM No Mo Mardi Gras $15,000
4 Ft. Pierre Open Futurity Ft. Pierre Flash N Passion $18,900
4 Merial Northwest Distaff Challenge Sun Downs GoGirl Gone $43,560
3 Sooner State Stakes (RG1) Remington Park Country Chicks Man $100,000
3 Ft. Pierre Open Derby Ft. Pierre No Temper Here $16,200
3 Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Futurity (R) Ft. Pierre Proud Royal Shakem $18,450
3 King William Handicap Retama Park El Zapatista $20,000
3 Lousiana Breeders' Lassie Futurity (RG2) Delta Downs Devins Secret $283,500
3 Lousiana Breeders' Laddie Futurity (RG2) Delta Downs Jack Platinum $277,400
3 Alabama Bred Futurity (RG3) Delta Downs For You Lou Im Fast $59,315
3 Dash For Roses Stakes Will Rogers Downs Chick Chasin Cowboy $25,000
2 StampedePark AQHA Classic Stakes Stampede Park KRStreakin Who $23,547
2 Miss Princess Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Clydette Mia $50,000
2 La Villita Stakes Retama Park Eyesa Lil Cuervo $17,500
2 Desert Classic Futurity (RG3) Turf Paradise Rock N Tres Seis $97,327


Date Race Track Winner Purse
27 Gem County Fair Futurity Gem Co. Fair Sum Special Hum $19,556
26 Dillingham Handicap Los Alamits Daddy Dasher $35,000
26 Ben E. Keith Stakes (R) Retama Park Mountain Of Money $17,500
26 John Alleman Memorial Stakes (RG3) DeltaDowns MCM Dozen Dasher $40,000
26 Louisiana Purchase Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs First Dashin Bye $50,000
25 La Pacifica Handicap Los Alamitos Shescheckinumout $35,000
20 Bob Moore Memorial Handicap (G3) Remington Park Duck Mea Running $55,000
20 Delta Dash Stakes Delta Downs Stones Copy $20,000
20 Pot O'Gold Futurity Sun Downs Rockin Rylee $44,230
20 Manor Downs Futurity (G1) Manor Downs Executive Looks $288,000
20 Manor Downs Handicap IV Manor Downs Vital Winner $17,900
20 Manor Downs Derby (G2) Manor Downs JA Windchaser $160,720
20 Manor Downs Juvenile Invitational (R) Manor Downs Kicker Back Jack $26,610
20 Graham County Fair Stakes Graham Co. Fair Fly Me High $15,100
20 El Moro de Cumpas Futurity Cochise Co. Fair A Hot Valentine $62,050
20 West Texas Futurity (G1) Sunland Park Fast Prize Zoom $300,958
19 El Moro de Cumpas Stakes Cochise Co. Fair Leonas TR $47,620
19 Dixie Downs Derby Dixie Downs Chickado Doll $15,000
19 Dixie Downs Futurity Dixie Downs TisaDream Runne $33,361
19 Kaweah Bar Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Frankie Shoots $25,000
19 Remington Park Futurity (G1) Remington Park Streakin Six Cartel $519,729
19 Remington Park Derby(G1) RemingtonPark DMNV Mountable $194,623
19 Blink of an Eye Handicap Remington Park Dads On A Prowl $30,000
19 The Getaway Handicap Sunland Park Heavenly Corona $50,000
19 West Texas Juvenile Stakes (R) Sunland Park Mr Primetime Fame $50,000
19 Manor Downs Maturity (G3) Manor Downs Dictorial $48,150
13 Easily A Possum Derby Hipodromo de las Americas Brothers Star $25,579
13 Frances Carr DistaffStakes (G3) Manor Downs RebaCleata $40,000
13 New Mexican SpringFuturity (RG1) Sunland Park Hearts Runaway $342,850
13 Bank of America New Mexico Challenge (G1) Sunland Park Run Perry Run $113,490
12 La Primera del Ano Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Forgive Him $245,000
12 New Mexican Spring Fling Stakes (R) SunlandPark One Diamond Kitty $75,500
12 TQHA Stakes (R) Manor Downs Truly Finishes First $15,000
11 El Primero del Ano Derby(G2) Los Alamitos Fighter On Fire $182,600
6 The Prize Classic Stakes Hipodromo de las Americas Calientes Wrangler $29,091
6 Prankster CF Handicap(first div.) Los Alamitos Snatch The Cash (TB) $15,000
6 Prankster CF Handicap (second div.) Los Alamitos Tokay Flame $15,000
5 Dog Iron Dash Handicap Will Rogers Downs Okie Dokey Annie $25,000
5 West TexasDerby (G2) Sunland Park Jessgottahaveit $150,926


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Pauls Valley Stakes(G3) Remington Park Joshuas Boy $36,500
30 Red Cell NewMexico Distance Challenge (G2) Sunland Park Tricky Dust $61,380
29 Carmel Handicap Los Alamitos Eye Am Forever Yours $17,000
29 Leo Stakes (G1) Remington Park Miss Kips Streakin $102,500
29 Decketta Stakes (G3) Remington Park Eyesa Country Miss $39,000
29 Manor DownsHandicap III Manor Downs Vital Winner $17,600
23 Katella Handicap Los Alamitos Feature Mr Liquidity $35,000
22 Manor Downs Handicap II Manor Downs Blazin Sixes $18,200
22 OklahomaDerby (G2) Remington Park Duck Mea Running $96,485
22 Oklahoma Futurity (G2) Remington Park Corona Fireball $254,607
22 Mesilla Valley Speed Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park A First Caller $100,000
22 CherokeeChallenge Stakes Will Rogers Downs SV Black Eyed Susan $35,000
18 Harrah's Entertainment Futurity (G2) Louisiana Downs Sixy Royal King $358,390
16 Greenlee Special Stakes Greenlee Co. Fair My Dad $17,150
16 Longhorn Derby(G2) Manor Downs Pool $125,310
16 Swift Stakes Louisiana Downs Heza Jodys Toast $25,000
15 SLM Big Daddy Stakes Remington Park Vital Winner $50,000
15 Longhorn Futurity (G1) Manor Downs Baja Jazz $185,440
15 Billy Montgomery Stakes (R) Louisiana Downs First Dashin Bye $60,000
15 Blue Ribbon Derby (G3) Blue Ribbon Downs Here To Entertain $47,786
15 Blue Ribbon Futurity (G2) Blue Ribbon Downs Spit Curl Diva $131,706
9 Chirina's Glory Classic Hipodromo de las Americas Sandra Aguerrida $24,456
8 Eastex Stakes Remington Park Eyesa Storm Too $55,000
8 West Texas Maturity (G2) SunlandPark Hey Holland $107,540
8 Flash Stakes Louisiana Downs Reba Cleata $25,000
2 Velocidad Classic Maturity (G3) Hipodromo de las Americas Totally Done Back $32,273
2 Manor Downs Handicap I Manor Downs Miss Kips Streakin $18,200
2 New Mexico HBA Stakes (RG2) Sunland Park Blazin N Shakin $125,000
1 Magnolia Stakes(R) Louisiana Downs Cajuns Game $64,800


Date Race Track Winner Purse
26 Mardi Gras Futurity (RG2) Louisiana Downs Jet BlackPatriot $217,970
25 Mardi Gras Derby(RG3) Louisiana Downs First Dashin Bye $94,086
23 Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1) Los Alamitos A Stoli Mate $237,800
22 Los Alamitos Winter Derby(G1) Los Alamitos A Mere Chocolate $208,200
17 Mr Jess Perry Stakes (R) Louisiana Downs Streakin Victor $66,000
16 Barbra B Handicap Los Alamitos El Corona Ariero $17,000
16 Party Girl Stakes (R) Louisiana Downs En Trepeins Jewel $66,000
9 Streakin La Jolla Stakes Los Alamitos Cantcatcha Corona $27,500
3 Mexican National Championship Hipodromo de las Americas He BeJess Special $39,091
2 KOFX Radio Handica (G2) Sunland Park Mr Perry Dash $50,000
2 Harrah's Entertainment Derby(G2) Louisiana Downs Eyesa Jumpn $256,690


Date Race Track Winner Purse
26 Bank of America South America Challenge Sao Paulo Nikita Vista $25,000
26 Harrah's Distaff Stakes Louisiana Downs Miss Kips Streakin $27,500
25 Inaugural Classic (G3) Hipodromo delasAmericas Gol McA $39,091
19 Marathon Stakes Louisiana Downs Chase Me To The End $27,000
13 FullertonHandicap Los Alamitos Royal Bridlewood $17,000
12 Harrah's Dash Stakes Louisiana Downs Angelas Toast $27,500
5 ShueFly Stakes (RG1) Sunland Park DPIGood Boy $342,469