Learn more about the different classes you can show in with your American Quarter Horse.

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Those who love the American Quarter Horse know that “Excellence That Shows” is not some empty phrase – it’s a fact. Perhaps nowhere else is the breed’s versatility, heritage and work ethic more apparent than in the show arena. Nor is it more apparent why America’s Horse is favored worldwide. AQHA-approved shows offer something for everyone.

Show events or classes are divided into three basic categories: Western, English and Halter. Western and English classes feature performance competition: a wide variety of athletic contests ranging from jumping to western pleasure and pleasure driving to team roping. Halter classes provide competition for horses based on conformation which reward excellence in balance, structural correctness, breed and sex characteristics and degree of muscling. 

For more thorough rules and descriptions on AQHA classes, be sure to refer to the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.