AQHA Corporate Partner SmartPak, the Official Online Retailer of Horse Care, Gear and Supplements

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Did you know? All AQHA members get 5% off at SmartPak. Just enter your AQHA membership ID during checkout online or mention it when ordering via phone to take advantage of instant savings!

SmartPaks™ are a simple, foolproof way to make sure your horse always gets the right supplements. All you have to do is choose the supplements that your horse needs, and we’ll pack them into convenient, customized daily doses that make feeding time fast and easy.

And SmartPaks aren’t just easier for you – they’re better for your horse, too. Because they come in pre-measured doses, are clearly labeled, and sealed for freshness, there’s never any doubt that your horse is getting the absolute best. Those are just a few of the reasons that SmartPak is the official supplement feeding system of the AQHA.


Every horse deserves the best, and every horse is unique. That’s why we created SmartSupplements™ by SmartPak. As the leading supplement retailer, we’ve had thousands of conversations with horse owners dealing with horse health problems. Hearing the challenges they faced trying to find the right supplements for their horses led us to create our own brand of targeted supplements solutions. SmartSupplements work together, letting you build a custom supplement program that’s exactly what your horse needs and nothing he doesn’t. Plus, they’re all guaranteed to work, thoughtfully designed, and picky-eater approved.

As horse owners, we were tired of having to settle for “one-size-fits-all” joint supplements for our horses. That’s why we created the SmartFlex family, the Official Joint Supplements of AQHA, which offers multiple levels of support with the right amount of ingredients that you look for in a joint supplement at a great value. SmartTendon® Pellets are the Official Tendon Supplement of AQHA and SmartHoof® Circulate is the Official Hoof Circulation Supplement of AQHA. SmartPak also offers over 60 SmartSupplements, so we’re sure to have the right solution for your horse.

Plus, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Top riders from Charlie Cole and Jason Martin, as well as Jim and Deanna Searles support their world-renowned horses with supplements in SmartPaks. And the list doesn’t stop there: so do Tom and Cade McCutcheon, Tim and Colleen McQuay, and Matt Mills.

Not sure where to get started? Call today to set up a free supplement consultation with one of our highly trained supplement experts at 1-800-461-8898 or go online to to learn more.