NCHA Clarifies Location of Future Western Nationals

The National Cutting Horse Association addresses gossip regarding the bids for the 2017 and 2018 NCHA Western National Championships.

From the National Cutting Horse Association

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There have been a number of allegations and innuendos through social media and general "gossip" regarding the bids for the 2017 and 2018 National Cutting Horse Association Western National Championships. In a continuing effort to keep our membership accurately informed of the Association’s operations, I would like to update you on the facts relating to the current bid process for those shows:

  1. The 2016 Western Nationals will be in Denver, as contracted in 2014.
  2. An RFP (request for proposal) was sent to cities that indicated an interest in hosting the 2017-2018 Western Nationals.
  3. An initial deadline of Monday, June 1, 2015, was set for the return of the RFP's by interested parties.
  4. To date, equine facilities in four cities have submitted proposals. Those cities were Denver, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Scottsdale.
  5. As of this date, no equine facility in Reno, Nevada, has submitted any proposal to the NCHA to host the 2017/2018 Western Nationals.
  6. NCHA Executive Committee Member Jerry Louie did not hand-deliver a proposal from any equine facility in Reno to the NCHA office to host the 2017/2018 Western Nationals on any date.
  7. NCHA President Bruce Richerson did not instruct any NCHA staff to accept any bid for the 2017/2018 Western Nationals delivered to the NCHA past the current deadline. 

It is important for the membership to understand and leadership to demonstrate that NCHA is first
and foremost about integrity and transparency. I will continue to keep you informed about the bid