Wrangler Network to Feature Circuit Finals Rodeo

The RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo will be live webcasted March 25-28 from Kissimmee, Florida.

From the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

The final RNCFR performance, consisting of the semifinals and finals on the night of March 28 will not be live-streamed on the Wrangler Network, but will air on CBS Sports Network at 9 p.m. EDT April 13.

Rodeo fans who are unable make the trip to the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, March 25-28 in Kissimmee, Florida, will be able to view the first four performances via live webcasts from the Silver Spurs Arena on www.WranglerNetwork.com.

"I think it gives fans across the country the ability to see some great cowboys they normally wouldn't be able to see for four performances," said Jeff Chadwick, Wrangler's director of western special events. "I also think it will help showcase the fact that there are a lot of good cowboys all across the United States, because it does bring the best from all the different circuits.

"Anytime you can get more exposure for Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association rodeos and put it out there for people to be able to watch, I think it is a great thing. The nice part of it is, while we are live streaming the rodeo, we will also promote that they can go to CBS Sports Network and watch the final performance, so I think it is a good partnership from that standpoint. We also will be able to showcase Kissimmee, Florida, and what they have to offer, and I think Kissimmee has stepped up and I think they are going to be great hosts for the RAM National Circuit Finals going forward."

The first three RNCFR performances, March 25-27, begin at 7:30 p.m. EDT. The fourth performance is at 1 p.m. March 28.

The final performance, consisting of the semifinals and finals on the night of March 28 will not be live-streamed on the Wrangler Network, but will air on CBS Sports Network at 9 p.m. EDT April 13.

"I have been going to the National Circuit Finals since the early '90s, and it is such a different and unique rodeo," said Jeff Medders, owner of Geronimo Productions, the TV production company that will produce the RNCFR for CBS Sports Network.

"I think it has so much to offer for the casual rodeo fan and the hardcore rodeo fan. From the Florida side of things, they are building a new tradition and a new reputation down there and the extra exposure to live streaming, which is obviously one of the waves of the future, is perfect timing. I'm always a liaison between the PRCA and CBS, and CBS is a great partner. They welcome (the live streaming) because they feel like that helps build interest in the championship round that airs on CBS Sports."

This is the first year of a 10-year contract with Osceola County to host the RNCFR.

"We are super stoked about the exposure it is going to give us," said Beth Knight, Osceola (Florida) deputy county manager, about Wrangler Network's live streaming at the RNCFR. "When I was notified about the news, we were just blown away and the whole team got so excited. It is just a really great opportunity, and I can't thank the PRCA enough and the Wrangler Network folks enough for making that happen. This tells me that outside of our community that there are others excited about this event (the RNCFR) taking place here in Kissimmee. It has just been a great partnership."

Knight is optimistic Wrangler Network's live streaming will also assist Kissimmee in reaching its ultimate goal for the RNCFR.

"This (the RNCFR) is our crown jewel, and it is a great marriage of our heritage and our tradition, along with our tourism," Knight said. "We have about six million visitors who come through Kissimmee every year and we've become a major international destination as well. Our hope is that this (WranglerNetwork.com's live streaming) is going to help us achieve our goal, which is to make the RNCFR a destination rodeo because there's so much to do in our community and in Central Florida."

In addition to the www.WranglerNetwork.com live streaming of the first four performances, Steve Kenyon will be doing live audio broadcasts for all five performances of the RNCFR online at www.ProRodeoLive.com.