Seeding and Match-Ups for NCEA Championship Announced

The National Collegiate Equestrian Association has announced the seeding and match-ups for the 2016 NCEA Championship.

From the National Collegiate Equestrian Association

The 2016 NCEA Championship is being held April 14-16 at the Extraco Events Center in Waco, Texas.

Seeding and match-ups have been announced for the 2016 National Collegiate Equestrian Association National Championship, as determined by the NCEA Selection Committee.

The nation’s top 12 teams will vie for the 2016 NCEA Championship, set to take place April 14-16 at the Extraco Events Center in Waco, Texas.

Beginning with the 2014 championship, the top-12 overall teams (Western and Hunt Seat combined) are invited to compete. The NCEA Selection Committee determines and invites these teams based on a number of factors throughout the season. The top-four seeds in the NCEA Championship each receive first-round byes in the 12-team format.

South Carolina is the defending NCEA Champion.

 NCEA Championship Seeding

  1. Auburn
  2. Georgia
  3. Baylor
  4. Oklahoma State
  5. Texas A&M
  6. TCU
  7. South Carolina
  8. Kansas State
  9. Delaware State
  10. SMU
  11. New Mexico State
  12. Fresno State

Thursday, April 14 – Round 1 (8:30 a.m. CT)

(5) Texas A&M vs. (12) Fresno State

(6) TCU vs. (11) New Mexico State

(7) South Carolina vs. (10) SMU

(8) Kansas State vs. (9) Delaware State

Friday, April 15 – Quarterfinals (8:30 a.m. CT)

(1) Auburn vs. 8/9 Winner

(2) Georgia vs. 7/10 Winner

(3) Baylor vs. 6/11 Winner

(4) Oklahoma State vs. 5/12 Winner

Saturday, April 16 – Semifinals (8:30 a.m. CT)

Saturday, April 16 – Championship Final (2 p.m. CT)