NSBA Launches New Sponsor-a-Rider Campaign

The National Snaffle Bit Association Foundation launches support program for veterans and equestrians with disabilities headed to the 2016 NSBA World Show.

From the National Snaffle Bit Association

NSBA's Sponsor a Rider Campaign will help offset expenses for 90 riders to attend the 2016 NSBA World Championship Show.

In an effort to recognize and promote the great work that is being done out in the field with Veterans and Equestrians with Disabilities, the NSBA Foundation is seeking financial support to provide 90 riders with grants to offset their expenses at the 2016 NSBA World Championship Show held in Tulsa, Oklahoma August 13-20.

Past competitors, trainers, facilities, volunteers, or relatives of riders that have participated and or competed in these activities will be sharing their personal stories throughout the 90 day effort. Additionally, "sponsored riders will be linked up with their donors" and be provided with a documentary effort of their travels and preparation for the world championship show. Upon arrival at the show, Riders will have an opportunity to meet their benefactor in person at a reception hosted by the Foundation.

10 RIDERS ALREADY FUNDED: Industry notables Gil and Becky Galyean, Non-Pro exhibitor Erin Girolamo, Dr. John & Jeanne McCarroll, Danny Terry, Kellie Hinely of Trendsetter Performance Horses, Diane Lahr and Jay McClennan of JS Quarter Horses have all taken the lead in this effort by already Sponsoring A Rider for 2016. Click here to find out how to sponsor a rider. 

"Providing the opportunity to encourage an EWD or Veteran Rider was really important to me. I had not witnessed the programs until the NSBA World Show in 2014. The EWD program was amazing to watch & the riders were all very different in their needs. Some could ride by themselves, and some needed up to four people next to them for support. The horses were amazing helpers to all the exhibitors. The Veterans Program was also amazing. I guess it boils down to the reason we are all involved with horses. It is therapy. Physically and emotionally. The smiles of the veterans getting ready to show really got me. They were SO proud to be there and SO proud of the horses they were riding. It made me realize that we are all doing this for the same reason and I can & should help support someone else's dream" said Erin Giralamo.

2015 saw a large programmatic addition of the Equestrians with Disabilities program, supported by the NSBA Foundation, to be offered at the All American Quarter Horse Congress which offered 53 Riders an opportunity to experience another national level competition. Grants to support Equestrians with Disabilities and Veterans to attend and compete at the NSBA World Championship Show totaled in excess of $10,000 in 2015 and the Foundation is working hard to expand these opportunities in 2016 and beyond.

NSBA Foundation Board Vice President, Rebecca Hogan of Chepota Ranch in Weatherford, TX stated "expanding the awareness of our Equestrians with Disabilities and Veteran show offerings is of utmost importance to our Board members. This campaign will allow people to participate by alleviating some of the financial burden they incur with other aspects of their lives so they can come and show their horses. Our hope is to foster an environment where all riders will make friends with other NSBA members, have some fun and work with their friends and colleague's no matter what the level of their participation and in a variety of ways."

The campaign will run March 1- May 31, 2016.

Operating under a separate board of directors, the NSBA Foundation serves as the fiduciary arm of the National Snaffle Bit Association and provides funding to support the efforts of the Association through programming specific to the equine industry and the NSBA membership. The NSBA Foundation is a registered 501(c) (3) organization.

Donations of any size can be made by MasterCard®, VISA®, American Express®, Discover® or PayPal® at nsba.com.

For more information or follow up questions, contact Stephanie Lynn at slynn@nsba.com or (847) 623-6722.

About NSBA

Established in 1983, the National Snaffle Bit Association has expanded from its roots of the pleasure horse to recognize various disciplines and eight breed associations in competition. NSBA's programs uphold keeping the welfare of the horse as the primary consideration in all activities and encourage the use of standard rules for holding and judging events.