Horse-Trailer Lending Essentials

What you need to know before you loan someone your horse trailer.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Make sure you understand what your insurance will and will not cover before lending or borrowing a trailer. (Credit: Journal)

Lending your trailer may seem like a friendly accommodation until you realize that accidents can occur and the risk of liability is always present. What if your trailer injures a motorist? What if your trailer is stolen, destroyed or damages someone else’s property? Who will pay for your damages or possible lawsuits?

Regardless of whether you loan your trailer to someone or borrow a trailer from someone, these risks make it worthwhile to think proactively, consider possible liabilities and insurance considerations, and plan ahead.

In the July issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal, Julie I. Fershtman, attorney at law, shares the information trailer lenders and borrowers need to have to be covered should anything happen and to prevent possible issues. In “Trailer Hitches,” Julie covers all the bases:

  • Your insurance need
  • Whether or not you should haul someone else’s horse
  • What to include in a trailer-lending contract
  • What a trailer owner should consider before loaning their trailer to someone

Julie stresses the importance of being cautious and doing your homework. She recommends going into a lending agreement with as much knowledge as possible and explains what pieces of information are vital.

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