How AQHA Directors are Elected

It’s not all dining and dancing at the 2014 AQHA Convention; there's business to be done.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

The 2014 AQHA Convention is March 7-10 in New Orleans.

There’s a lot of business that gets done at the annual AQHA convention. While I whole-heartedly encourage you to enjoy the camaraderie of the event, I strongly urge you to participate with thought and careful deliberation in the committee and general membership meetings, as well as when you cast your votes associated with the important business and elections that are conducted. It’s a privilege to be part of the democratic process of voting on rule changes and electing new directors of the largest equine breed association in the world. (Read the AQHA rules regarding AQHA directors.)

As a not-for-profit organization, AQHA relies on leadership from its board of directors, which is a group of elected individuals who receive no reimbursement for their services, other than the satisfaction of representing the world’s largest equine breed association. Any member in good standing with AQHA is eligible to serve as a director for an elected term of one year. The nomination process begins with the submission of a properly completed application accompanied by a photo, all of which is sent to me prior to February 1 of the convention year. Current directors seeking re-election are exempt from this procedure.

Applications are then presented at the annual convention to the AQHA Nominations and Credentials Committee.

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The Nominations and Credentials Committee reviews each directorship and votes on each director during its committee meeting at convention. During the general membership meeting at convention, the Nominations and Credentials Committee chairman presents the slate of nominations for directors, followed by the AQHA president’s call for nominations from the floor. Any nominations from the floor must have been previously presented to the Nominations and Credentials Committee for consideration. Additionally, nominations from the floor for a director position are received to oppose another nominated person. Should nominations occur from the floor, a vote will be taken among members present to decide the directorship in question. (Read the AQHA rules regarding the appointment and election of international directors.)

The final recommendation for directors is made to AQHA’s membership during the Nominations and Credentials Committee’s report and subject to affirmative vote by the membership in attendance at the convention.

Here are the other members who have a lifetime tenure on the AQHA Board of Directors:

  • AQHA Past Presidents
  • Director Emeritus is an individual who has served as an elected director, international district director or appointed international director for 10 cumulative years, and who is 65 years of age.
  • Director-At-Large is an individual who has served 15 cumulative terms as an elected director, international district director or appointed international director.
  • Honorary Vice President is an individual who is given the title based on distinguished service to AQHA.