Five Ideas to Simplify a Horseman's Life

Use these tips to take the stress out of your horse’s health and managing your barn.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Discover 10 household essentials you can put to good use as show supplies in “10 Tack-Box Hacks” in the September Journal. (Credit: Journal)

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You’ve heard that one before, haven’t you? Benjamin Franklin was a wise fellow in more ways than one. But who knows better than a horseman just how expensive “cure” can get? Our equine compadres can get a little spendy to fix, and that’s just monetarily speaking; let’s not even get into the emotional, heart-wrenching side of fixing up your hairy best friend.  

Since life is just so much easier when everything is going right, we rounded up five tips to simplify your life as a horseman. These insights come straight out of the September American Quarter Horse Journal

Wash your saddle pads and protective boots. Washing the sweat and dirt away on a regular basis will extend the longevity of your tack and also help stamp out fungus or skin issues. Glean more tack-cleaning tips in “Protect Your Investment.”

Keep pastures mowed. Doing so will cut down on the chance of your horse picking up ticks. Short grass is just one step in lyme disease prevention; set a procedure to protect your horse in “Horse Health: Lyme Disease.”

Use slow-feeding techniques for a healthier horse and a happier pocketbook. Not only will restricting your horse’s dry-matter intake cut back on the chance for obesity, but it will also save you hay, which in the long run saves you money. We look at several slow-feeding alternatives in “Getting a Grip on Gobbling.”

Keep your horse’s stall clean. In the list of causes of white line disease, stall cleanliness is one of the bullet points. Because the hoof disease can make life a nightmare for you and your equine teammate, you’ll want to find out how to recognize and stave off white line disease in “The Right Side of the Line.”

Understand why electrical tape belongs in your tack box. Worried about polo or standing wraps coming undone? Or how about your horse getting his tail caught on the hooks of a water bucket? Electrical tape can fix both problems, and much more. Discover nine other household essentials you can put to good use as show supplies in “10 Tack-Box Hacks.”

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