August American Quarter Horse Journal

Ride like an all-star thanks to these 10 articles.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Jason Martin, Ima Petite Classic and Charlie Cole are featured on the cover of the August 2015 Journal.

With each issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal, the Journal staff aims for the magazine to be as versatile as the breed it serves. With that in mind, here’s a look at the articles included in the August Journal.

  • "The Streak" takes you to Pilot Point, Texas, to meet AQHA Professional Horsemen Charlie Cole and Jason Martin of Highpoint Performance Horses, who discuss their past, present and future showing Quarter Horses, and the 10-year winning streak of the senior western riding world championship.
  • "Tendon Troubles" explains what they are, how they work and how to treat them when they're injured.
  • "Judging Tie-Down Horses" offers AQHA judge Bill Enk's insight.
  • "Borrow a Trainer" features AQHA Professional Horsewoman Michelle Tidwell's advice for nailing your backup to make the difference between an average pattern and one that is outstanding.
  • "One-Day Wonderful," "Smooth Move" and "Back Home in Mississippi" serve up the Journal's coverage fo the Merial AQHA Region Five, Eight and Nine championships.
  • "Born on the Caprock" highlights a small ranch near a small town, where Jane and Scott Bagley are raising high-quality performance horses.
  • "Wicked Runner" features the legendary Dinky's Red Man, who made speed events look easy and left a lasting impression on the industry.
  • "Ranching Evolution" looks at the growth and changes of AQHA ranch horse classes. Have questions? We have the answers.
  • "The Cost of Showing" breaks down your show fees and how they're used.
  • "Ride the Pattern: Showmanship" is Part 3 in a part-three series of AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jenny Jordan-Frid's breakdown of this practice pattern.

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