Improve Rhythm at the Posting Trot

Simply counting can create sync between horse and rider when posting the trot.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

"I might move into a round pen, put the horse and rider on a longe line and just tell them to trot around the rail. ... I can control the horse for the rider and she can concentrate on herself," Carolyn says. (Credit: Jean Abernethy illustration)

The trot is a two-beat gait, so it's important to start with that information. Within that two-beat gait, the rider should post on a diagonal pair of legs, which is either right hind-left front or right front-left hind.

The first thing that I have riders do is just get confident with their posting – not to worry about diagonals at first. I want the rider to think about the rhythm and establish being in time with her horse. I use counting a lot when teaching riders. At any gait, we count the strides mentally or out loud. This establishes cadence in our minds and makes the rider aware when the horse’s cadence changes.

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