Three Exercises for Equestrians

Stretch, strengthen and tone your riding muscles with these exercises from equestrian personal trainer Emily Harrington.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Emily J. Harrington's equestrian exercises are easy enough to do in the barn. (Credit: Abigail Boatwright)

Forget the home training gym. Who has time for that when you have horses to ride and a busy life to lead? 

Equestrian personal trainer Emily J. Harrington shares three exercises in Part 1 of The American Quarter Horse Journal’s Q-Fit series, and these exercises are easy enough to do in the barn (you can even incorporate cleaning stalls as a warm-up routine!)

Don’t let your New Year’s “better fitness” resolution taper off in January. The Journal will help you make it last all year long with the 12-part Q-Fit series geared specifically toward equestrians. 

The expert for the Q-Fit series is certified personal trainer Emily J. Harrington. Having shown Quarter Horses for most of her life, the hunter rider is a two-time AQHA world champion and All American Quarter Horse Congress champion. When she isn’t riding, Emily works as a fitness trainer with clients, who include equestrian athletes, to encourage balanced bodies through exercise and lifestyle. Her focus is on posture, form and correct breathing while performing any movement, and especially while horseback. Currently, she is finishing her degree at the University of North Texas.

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