Horse Industry Rallies to Support John Hamilton

A GoFundMe account has been started to help treat Parkinson’s disease for this American Quarter Horse enthusiast with ties to the reining industry.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

After a lifetime of farming, John Hamilton was looking forward to working with his American Quarter Horses. As a young man, John had been an owner and trainer of racehorses, and his brother Bob Hamilton, sister-in-law Linda and niece Tricia are heavily involved in the reining horse industry. To get back to his roots and up his involvement with horses would be not only relaxing but also natural for John.

But in 2006, John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“I knew that it would change our lives but I tried not to look too far down the road because it wasn’t a very happy picture,” says Judy, John’s wife of 50 years. “At that point, we started day to day.”

The transition has been tough, John and Judy say.

“John has always enjoyed working and wanted to continue to work in a variety of ways after he retired from farming,” Judy adds. “He always thought he could work with cattle and horses during these later years, but Parkinson’s now makes that and many other things impossible. It even greatly hinders other things we enjoy, especially being involved in our grandchildren’s lives. Often we can’t go to the kids’ games and other events because John isn’t feeling well. Our quality of life has suffered to a point where it can be very painful for both of us.”

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“It’s hard to get up, it’s hard to get down, it’s hard to lean one way. I can only turn my head halfway,” John says. “I can’t farm anymore, I can’t drive a tractor anymore. I just can’t do anything anymore it seems like.”

There is a cure, though, one that could potentially get John back to working with his horses.

“We’ve been monitoring the Michael J. Fox foundation website and learned that stem cell therapy is the future for treating neurological diseases,” Judy says. “This convinced us that John needed to try stem cell therapy and he will begin treatment with Bioheart July this year. They will be using his own cells and reinjecting them over several sessions with hope that his cells will return to normal. 

“Even if this doesn’t work, we will have done our best to try to help other people in the process,” she adds.

John’s Treatment and How to Help
John is being treated by the medical staff at U.S. Stem Cell Clinic using the science of Kristin Comella, the Chief Science Officer of Bioheart, and Dr. Randall Davis from Luminec Life Sciences who has combined the formulations Tri-Amino & TAFA400 based on the "Schutt Paradigm of Free Amino Alignment & Molecular Stability" along with a customized nutrition program to enhance his immune system to maximum levels for pre- and post-op stem cell therapy.

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John Hamilton 

John Hamilton