Katy Krshka Set to Travel As International Intern

The former AQHYA world champion will travel the world this summer to eight AQHA international horsemanship camps.

Special to The American Quarter Horse Journal

Riding RA Undisputed, Katy Krshka clinched the AQHA Collegiate Horsemanship Challenge championship at the 2013 AQHA World Championship Show. (Credit: Journal)

After graduating in December from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in animal science and now currently working toward my master’s in international agriculture at OSU, I'm really excited to be representing AQHA this summer as the international intern.

I have shown American Quarter Horses for nearly all my life. I competed in my first horse show at the Canadian County Fair in El Reno, Oklahoma, when I was just 4 years old. There was no stopping me after that – I had the bug. I was fortunate that my mother and father were very active within AQHA and I was showing in Novice (now called Level 1) classes before I knew it. As a youth member, I also had the opportunity to be the youth president for the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Youth Association, as well a serving as a regional director for AQHYA. After that, I continued my journey showing around the nation and ultimately chose to ride on the OSU women's equestrian team.

Katy Krshka won a gold medal in horsemanship at the 2010 Youth World Cup. (Credit: Journal photo)

For me, like many others, horses are a way of life. Throughout all my experiences with AQHA, including representing Team USA at the 2010 American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup, I could not have ever dreamed I would have as great of an opportunity that lies before me now. As the international intern, I was able to help plan and will now attend eight different camps with three highly qualified universities. I know how greatly American Quarter horses have shaped my life and I cannot wait to share and promote our exemplary breed all around the world so that they can continue their impact! Here are a list of the camps and the universities who will be teaching them. It is going to be an amazing and eventful summer, so stay tuned!

Louisiana State University
Dr. Neely Walker, Robbin Monceaux, Riley Lirette, Erin Oberhaus

  • June 12-14 in Wilhelmsburg, Austria
  • June 19-21 in Roupov, Czech Republic
  • June 25-27 in Castle Prestranek, Slovenia

Middle Tennessee State
Dr. Holly Spooner, Seneca Ewing, Ariel Herrin, Helen Hardy, Andrea Smith, Delaney Rostad

  • July 1-3 in Skara, Sweden
  • July 6-8 in Denmark
  • July 10-12 in March, United Kingdom

Sam Houston State University
Dr. Jessica Leatherwood, Cody Kyle, Rafael Martinez, Turner McQuaide, Kimberly Pritchett

  • July 16-19 in Hamilton, New Zealand
  • July 23-26 in Brisbane, Australia

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As she travels across Europe, then south of the equator to New Zealand and Australia, Katy will be blogging about her adventures. Follow her at americashorsedaily.com.

About the International Horsemanship Camps
Each summer, AQHA is proud to partner with some of the country’s best equine/agriculture university to offer international horsemanship camps through one of AQHA’s international affiliates. Visit www.aqha.com/international to learn more.