Throwback Thursday: Dude Cowboy Two

Even AQHA Professional Horseman Jason Martin admits three-time trail world champion 'Dude' was one of the best he's ever ridden.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

“He was truly a trail horse for all times,” Teresa reminisces. “Every now and then in life, you get a good horse. He was certainly one that would have fit in any genre. He was good in the ’80s, good in the ’90s, and he’d be good now.” (Credit: AQHA)

He was Teresa Fletcher’s first real show horse, and what a trail horse “Dude” was. Dude Cowboy Two won three world championships in amateur trail, and reserve world championships in both amateur and senior trail when Jason Martin catch-rode him to win the silver trophy.

“He was one of the all-time greats for sure,” says Jason, a 34-time world champion.

Dude was born in March 1978, a big beautiful palomino colt. By Dude Cowboy and out of Market Queen, he was bred by Leonard O’Donnell Jr. of Eastborough, Kansas. O.H. Crew, a noted horse trainer from Texas, had only started the colt in reining, which was the event O.H. most enjoyed, when Teresa came horse shopping. 

“My sister is to blame, I guess,” Teresa says. “She had horses, and we had started doing some open horse shows together. She knew O.H. and so we went to look at Dude Cowboy Two.”

Teresa liked him, and offered a sum of money for him. She says it wasn’t a lot, but in those days, it was a lot for her. Teresa explains that Dude was a strikingly pretty palomino and she was young, in her early 30s, and a pretty horse really appealed to her.

But the owner wouldn’t accept Teresa’s offer, so she left with her money and without a horse.

That evening, though, Teresa’s sister Barbara called to say she had brought the horse home.

“She had gone to dinner with O.H. and talked him into taking my offer,” Teresa says. “I knew Dude was talented. And there was just something about him. Then when we got him home, he was everything that I hoped he was going to be.”

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