A Judge’s Perspective: Equitation Over Fences

AQHA Judge Spencer Chapin dissects the 2016 AQHA amateur equitation over fences world championship pattern.

Mr Al Capone and Tasha Lodwig came out on top at the 2016 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show in amateur equitation over fences.

In the video above, Spencer Chapin, who judged the finals at the 2016 Lucas Oil World, dissects Tasha’s winning run. Watch Tasha’s winning run and read why the AQHA judges found this go worthy of a gold trophy.

Fence 1

Chapin: “Immediately you have an impression of competence and workman-like riding and capability.”

Fence 2

“She has a good basic position, good control of her horse and a good shape for him for the equitation, which is a little higher than the hunters and a little more toward the vertical with their headset.”

Fence 3

“She’s demonstrating a roll-back turn to the oxer; she did a good job of keeping the shape of the corner. The lead change is quite good.”

Fences 4A & 4B

“She had to make a little bit of an adjustment [at the in-and-out] to keep him off of it.”

Fence 5

“Next we’ll see the trot jump. You’d like to see her get to the trot jump and trot all the way to the base of the trot jump and over it before the horse canters, which she does quite well.”

Fences 6 & 7

“She’s keeping her eye on the jump out of the corner, now she’s jumped the first part of the bending line and immediately looks toward the second jump, which made her get there easily.”

Fence 8

“At all times, she’s kept the same pace and the same shape and the correct lead for her position all the time. A good distance to the last jump, as well.”