17 Horse-Showing Goals for 2017

With the coming of a new year, it’s time for some new goals.

Updating your goal list is an important part of horse-showing. (Credit: AQHA)

We’re saying goodbye to 2016, and hello to a brand new year! Now, not only do we have to update the date we right on our checks and school papers, but we have to update our goals as well.

An important part of horse-showing, goals help us reach out and try to accomplish new things.

Check out these 17 horse-showing goals for 2017, and click its accompanying link for more tips.

  1. Study the score card. Understanding how judges score can help you improve your own performance in the show ring.

  2. Shed those showing nerves. Sports psychology is a real thing, and it can help you hobble even the most paralyzing horse-showing nerves.

  3. Better your pattern memorization. Everyone learns differently. For some exhibitors, visualization is best, while others feel more comfortable performing the pattern horseback at least once before they perform it in the show pen.

  4. Improve your strength, rhythm and balance. To help you out, we rounded up six exercises for developing a secure seat, strong legs and incredible rhythm.

  5. Keep a more organized tack stall. This can be a time-saver at any horse show, no matter how many mounts you brought. By keeping a tidy tack stall, you know exactly where everything is and can move more efficiently.

  6. Stay on top of your health. Horse-showing can take it’s toll on the body, so this year, make sure that you take care of yourself on the road. Your body will reward you!

  7. Learn how to braid a horse’s mane. Braiding for a horse show has really turned into an art. This year, learn how to braid your own horse’s mane. It will give you a new appreciation for those who do it all show long.

  8. Budget wisely. If you’re showing on a budget, you need to master the art of getting the best horse-show bang for your buck – these eight tips will help.

  9. Bling your own show shirts. Not only can you save some money, but you can personalize them exactly how you want. Give it a try this year!

  10. Take your performance halter game to the next level. A lot of exhibitors compete in performance halter, but not everyone takes the time to study up on the class. Check out our 10 tips for “wowing” the judges.

  11. Learn how to ride with romal reins. While romals are most commonly seen in cow horse events, trail, reining and ranch riding exhibitors are known to rock them, too. Romals are surprisingly easy to use once you and get the hang of it.

  12. Practice the trail wheel. Intricate trail patterns are baffling to any outsiders and most intricate is the trail wheel. Give it a try for yourself!

  13. Earn money just for showing your horse. If you have a horse that’s been enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund, you can watch money roll in as you rack up points. What a sweet deal.

  14. Find your horse-show mentor. This person can make the difference in your training and showing program. Make sure you pick a good one!

  15. Try a new event. Even if it doesn’t become your bread-and-butter class, it’s always fun to hang your hat on the fact that you tried something new.

  16. Show with AQHA. Maybe one of your 2016 goals was to become an AQHA member; now it’s time to get involved! Showing with AQHA gives you the opportunity to come to a variety of shows and win great prizes.

  17. Qualify for a championship show. Whether you’ve been showing for a year or a decade, AQHA offers championship competitions for every level of exhibitor: