A Judge’s Perspective: Working Hunter

AQHA Judge Spencer Chapin dissects the 2016 AQHA amateur working hunter world championship pattern.

Better Buy the Minit and Morgan Parisek came out on top at the 2016 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show in amateur working hunter.

In the video above, Spencer Chapin, who judged the finals at the 2016 Lucas Oil World, dissects Morgan’s winning run. Watch Morgan’s winning run and read why the AQHA judges found this go worthy of a gold trophy.

Chapin: “As this horse enters the ring, this is a beautifully turned-out horse: He’s well-braided, he’s shiny, the tack is clean and simple.

“Her apparel is appropriate for the class. This is the finals, so she’s in her formal attire.”

“He’s a good mover, he’s fairly loose at the shoulder and flat with his knee.”

Fence 1

“He canters to the first fence out of rhythm and jumps it confidently and easily.

“Beautiful lead change on the landing.”

Fence 2

“Another jump in-stride and easily covers the distance between the jumps.

“At no point is the horse showing any resistance to anything.”

Fence 3

“It’s brave, no spook.”

Fence 4

“He jumps easily, correctly, his forearms are up.”

Fence 5

“At no time does he not prick his ears: He’s always looking for the next jump. He’s helping the rider find the distance.”

Fences 6, 7 and 8

“She continues to find all of the jumps out-of-stride and in rhythm. Very, very nice round.

“All of the things you want to look for in a hunter [are] smooth, soft, easy and everything looked effortless.”