A Judge’s Perspective: Working Hunter

AQHA Judge Clay Farrell dissects the 2016 AQHA senior working hunter world championship pattern.

Real Time Minute and AQHA Professional Horseman Jerry Erickson came out on top at the 2016 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show in senior working hunter.

In the video above, Clay Farrell, who judged the finals at the 2016 Lucas Oil World, dissects Jerry’s winning run. Watch Jerry’s winning run  and read why the AQHA judges found this go worthy of a gold trophy.

Farrell: “So we’re watching  this horse come into the ring, he looks alert, relaxed. [He] picks up the canter.

“I like the softness in the reins; the rider is soft. I like him in the two-point position, which means it’s easy to make his horse go forward. He’s willing, he’s a good mover, I love his ears, his bright expression.”

Fence 1

“He jumps the first jump in-stride and jumps it excellent. It’s a good way to start a working hunter class.

“If you jump the first jump great, you’ve got my attention.”

Fences 2 and 3

“Jumps the in of this outside six amazingly. He jumps the out amazingly, as well. And he jumps it in a form that let’s you believe that he could jump a higher one if necessary.”

Fence 4, 5 and 6

“Bright expression, jumps into the four really well.

“He jumps the first two obstacles of the four to the two well but jumps out over the oxer amazing again.”

Fence 7 and 8

“[He] jumps into the five beautifully, gets down to the other end easily. Many of the other horses in the class had to hustle just a little bit; he did it easily.”

Fence 9

“And that’s what I call an exclamation point on a really great trip. If you can bang the first jump and bang the last one, it’s just a great way to make sure that you’re getting as many points as you can ring out of me.

“I scored this trip an 87, which is a really good score.”