10 Reasons to Be Involved With Your Affiliate

Ever wondered how to impact American Quarter Horse events in your area? It all starts with members like you.

The American Quarter Horse Association

Being involved in your affiliate is being apart of something bigger than yourself. (Credit: AQHA)

Your affiliate relies on people like you to help make a difference. These are some important reasons to consider getting involved with your affiliate. They need you, just as much as you need them!

  1. Gain leadership experience from the state and youth affiliate by becoming involved with your state’s board of directors and officers.
  2. Volunteer at shows, especially Level 1 and Rookie shows. Gain knowledge of how shows are run or help by being a ring steward, where you’ll get firsthand experience of how classes are judged.
  3. Give input on ways to better your affiliate organization and be involved in decision-making.
  4. Use your professional knowledge to help better your affiliate. If you’re an accountant, have a background in marketing, teaching – you name it – your affiliate can benefit from your skills.
  5. Introduce new events, like dressage or Versatility Ranch Horse. Sometimes organizations lack resources to add specialized events; get involved and you can make it happen!
  6. Represent your affiliate at the AQHA convention.
  7. Meet more people from your affiliate and create lifelong friendships.
  8. Scholarship programs are offered by some affiliates for youth who are involved. It’s a great way to help save money for college.
  9. Receive awesome year-end awards for competing at affiliate-sanctioned shows.
  10. Get plugged in! Your affiliate is the best way to get connected with Quarter Horse events happening in your state.

Getting involved is the best way to have an influence in the industry! To connect with your affiliate, visit www.aqha.com/affiliates.