Region One Scholarship Show: August 14

Region One is well on its way to a youth scholarship fund worth $100,000 thanks to this new event in Monroe, Washington.

AQHA Region One Scholarship Show

The Washington, Oregon and Alaska American Quarter Horse Association state affiliates are proud to announce the kick-off of the Region One Scholarship Program, starting with the AQHA Region One Scholarship Show, August 14-17 in Monroe, Washington. 

The Region One Scholarship Program is designed to benefit youth residing in the states and provinces within AQHA's Region One (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and British Columbia). The program will be managed by the American Quarter Horse Foundation in Amarillo, with a goal to raise a minimum of $100,000 by 2017, with $5,000 in annual scholarships being awarded the following year.  

Jeff Williams, president of Washington State Quarter Horse Association, commented, “Our goal is to raise $100,000 over the next four years, but in reality we are already more than halfway there!”  He continued, “I think with the people in Washington, Alaska and Oregon all focusing on raising money for the fund, that we’ll realistically be able to start paying out scholarships much sooner than we originally thought, plus the more we add on top of the $100,000, the more scholarship money our region’s youth with receive.”

Lisa Gardner, manager of the new Region One Scholarship Show said, “This new show will be held every year, starting in 2014, and it will have the same format. It will be held in the same location – Monroe, Washington – as last year’s successful 2013 AQHA Region One Championship Show.  

"But this year it will have an added twist," she continued. "The first day of the show will be for Level 1 (formerly Novice) and Rookie competitors only, with one judge and plenty of clinics and assistance from the region’s seasoned horse show veterans. That show day will be followed by a three-judge show held August 15-17.

“The sky is the limit for the amount of money this annually held show circuit can raise for the Region One Scholarship fund, and we will continue to seek donations from corporate sponsors and individuals right up until the first horse enters the pen August 15.”  

Today, Region One kicked off its Level 1-Rookie show with AQHA judge Mike Weaver and a question-and answer-session. Show manager Lisa Gardner said this helps set the tone for the show. The exhibitors love being able to meet the judge and ask questions. Topics ranged from the length of time and accuracy of a set-up in showmanship to styles and hand position. Mike’s feedback was open and candid. This helped exhibitors understand the many facets that play into a score and placing in each class. 

Keri Croft, show secretary, said, “We have had large response to the Level 1-and-Rookie show, with record numbers in the classes.”  

This show is designed to attract new exhibitors with the clinics and low expenses.  

The Region One Scholarship Show wraps up its first day with a trail clinic taught by AQHA Professional Horsemen Mike and May Edwards of Monroe, Washington. Mike and May shared their winning tips with the group as they walked the course and discussed the correct ways to navigate a course. 

The clinics have always been well attended and one of the highlights of the Region One show.  

Secretary Keri Croft wants to remind everyone that you don’t have to come with a horse to support the show: You are invited to attend the live destination auction that is scheduled for Saturday night. There are destination trips ranging from Alaska, Washington’s coast to eastern Washington, the Oregon Coast to the Oregon Cascades, and even tickets to watch the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, play. All proceeds from the auction benefit the scholarship fund. 

There truly is something for everyone! Come support the Region One Scholarship Fund.

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