World Championship Ranch Rodeo: November 6

Top ranch horses come to town for the 2014 World Championship Ranch Rodeo.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

American Quarter Horses are front and center at the 2014 Working Ranch Cowboys Association World Championship Ranch Rodeo this weekend in Amarillo.

The World Championship Ranch Rodeo, hosted by the Working Ranch Cowboys Association and sponsored in part by AQHA, kicked off November 6 in Amarillo, and it culminates November 9 with the naming of a new world champion. Here’s a look at the event by the numbers:

Twenty-two teams, consisting of “real deal” working cowboys, representing seven states. Five events mirroring situations that cowboys might find themselves in on the ranch. And best of all? One hundred and seven ranch horses – almost all of them registered American Quarter Horses – displaying cow sense and athleticism that make the cowboys’ jobs so much easier.

To help fans at this mostly sold-out event cheer on the four-legged partners, AQHA provides an insert in the programs that list the Quarter Horses and their pedigrees, so that fans can get more information about any particular horses they see and like. At the conclusion of the rodeo, AQHA will present a highly coveted Top Horse award to the best Quarter Horse out there.

After the first Thursday night performance, it’s clear that it’ll be a tough race. There is one past winner competing, Lightning Blue Jazz, a son of Mecom Blue ridden by Rodey Wilson. The Tongue River Ranch, a past winner of the Zoetis AQHA Best Remuda Award, is on hand with some of their top cow horses. And there are scores of others, ready for their time in the spotlight.

Looking through the pedigrees, there are sons of Pepcid, Dual Rey, Bob Acre Doc and High Brow Cat, just to name a few. Other pedigrees may be less recognizable, but it’s clear they’re from a ranch breeding program.

On Saturday, AQHA will officially add another ranch to the list of Best Remuda winners. The Muleshoe Ranch of Gail, Texas, will receive its trophy in a presentation just before Saturday’s rodeo performance. They’ll also be honored at a reception at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, attended by a number of past Best Remuda winners. The World Championship Ranch Rodeo is a great place for the top ranch breeders to gather (and compete).

AQHA is also sponsoring the ranch horse competitions that are held in conjunction with the World Championship Ranch Rodeo. Stay tuned for more on those later!

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