A Look Back at the SCQHA Clemson Classic

Exhibitor Rachel Rife shares her favorite memories and photos from South Carolina Quarter Horse Association’s September 12-14 show.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

One of the many reasons exhibitor Rachel Rife says she loves SCQHA shows is the abundance of smiles. (Credit: Rachel Rife) See the slideshow below for more photos from the Clemson Classic.

When I think about the Clemson Classic show held by South Carolina Quarter Horse Association, one word comes to mind – “family.” 

When our trailer hit the show grounds in Clemson, it was like a family reunion. Lots of smiling faces greeted us as we unloaded and checked in at the show office. Hugs were given out freely; everyone took that extra moment to catch up.   

To me, showing horses is more than ribbons and points; it’s also a chance for fellowship with my horsey family. We ride together, eat together, muck stalls together. We push each other to try new things, support each other when we stumble and carry each other when we triumph. 

I haven’t been showing with SCQHA for very long, but the relationships that I have been able to cultivate through showing with this outstanding group of people has made me want to continue to grow as a horseman as well as a member of SCQHA and AQHA. I’d definitely say I’m SCQHA and AQHA Proud.