All American Quarter Horse Congress: October 14

From halter to hunter hack, Congress is a great place to see the American Quarter Horse in action.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Competition continued October 14 at the 2014 All American Quarter Horse Congress. (Larri Jo Starkey photo) For more photos from the day, scroll through the slideshow below.

From halter to hunter hack, the All American Quarter Horse Congress was full of American Quarter Horse enthusiasts showing off how terrific their horses are.

Judging teams were in their last day of practice before judging competition began at Congress, one of the three major competitions of the championship season.

Throughout the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio, contestants in identical shirts could be seen making notes on classes and then pacing back and forth in the stands, practicing their reasons. Both youth and collegiate teams made the trek to Congress for the contest.

Elsewhere on the grounds, exhibitors in over-fences classes were showing in jumping and hunter hack.

The All American Quarter Horse Congress continues through October 26.