Arizona Finishes Single-Day Show Series

Exhibitors beat the heat September 6 at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona, in this single-day, 'no-bling' show.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

The single-day show September 6, 2014, was part of AzQHA's "no-bling" show series at Westworld in Scottsdale. (Credit: AzQHA)

The Arizona Quarter Horse Association's single-day show series concluded September 6 at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona. To qualify for year-end buckles, exhibitors were required to compete in two of the three shows in the series. 

All the shows "no-bling," meaning common attire was a simple long-sleeve shirt, hat, boots and jeans. And the no-bling designation went for horses, as well: work tack, no hoof black for halter, no braids, no fake tails, and nylon halters were acceptable for halter or showmanship. 

"These shows are for beginners wanting to start out in AQHA shows, someone that has a new horse or a horse that needs more time in the show pen, exhibitors that might want to try new classes in more of a fun setting to show, practice or even maybe getting that last half-point for qualifying for an AQHA world championship show," said Connie Hay, single-day show manager and AzQHA youth adviser.

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