Region One Scholarship Show: August 16

See who claimed all-around titles and look through more photos from the show in Monroe, Washington.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

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The AQHA Region One Scholarship Show, sponsored by Coyote Rock Ranch, wrapped up August 16 in Monroe, Washington. All proceeds from the show will go toward the Region One Scholarship Fund, and projections predict more than $20,000 was raised just at this event.

Saturday night was a festive one at the show, as Washington State Quarter Horse Youth Association members served hors-d'oeuvres and McCann Performance Horses sponsored free beer and wine during the auction. That night, $16,525 was raised in total, noted committee co-chairs Jeff Williams and Tracy Adams; $5,250 was raised through the trainer auction alone, the three high-selling trainers being Paige Stroud, Kristy McCann and Kip Larson.

The key to this show's success is the enthusiasm owners, exhibitors and sponsors have for fundraising for the Region One Scholarship Fund. Show manager Lisa Gardner offered her services at a reduced rate to keep the show's overhead low, and all sponsors stepped forward to cover all of the awards. Buckles were awarded to Rookie and Level 1 (formerly Novice and Green) class winners, so with 70 buckles at $100 a piece, $7,000 was saved from the show's costs. Coyote Rock Ranch generously all other awards, much to the pleasure of exhibitors.

Brent Maxwell, Rob Meneely and Jackie Krshka were on hand to judge the show, and although AQHA judge Sandy Jirkovsky was unable to make it to this event, she is slated to judge Washington State Quarter Horse Association's Northwest Emerald in September, and will be donating her judging fee to the scholarship fund.

The American Quarter Horse Journal congratulates the following all-around champions:

  • Amateur – Buster Browns A Star and Rachel Lee Mundell
  • Select Amateur – DD Ez Rider and Renay Crosby
  • Level 1 Select Amateur – Invited to a Party and Doreen L. Earl
  • Level 1 Amateur – My Options Are Hot and Taunya Clizbe
  • Youth 14-18 – Lopin Lola and Hannah Way
  • Level 1 Youth - Zips Classical Image and Elizabeth Gerbrandt
  • Walk-Trot – Always Good in Blonde and Jenna Miller
  • Youth 13-&-Under – Chips Heart and Lily Richardson
  • Senior Horse – Al Be A Barbie Doll, owned by Katherine Tobin
  • Junior Horse – The Daily Show, owned by Amanda Jackson

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