Prairie Classic

Exhibitor numbers were up at the 2015 Prairie Classic in Oklahoma City.

The American Quarter Horse Association

The Prairie Classic had 750 more entries compared to the 2014 event (Journal photo).

The American Quarter Horse Association is pleased to announce that the Prairie Classic had 750 more entries compared to the 2014 event. The show’s management also reported an increase of 62 new individuals to the show this year.

“We are very excited to hear of the increase in entries and exhibitors at this year’s Prairie Classic,” said AQHA Chief Show Officer Pete Kyle. “This is a positive start to 2015, and we look forward to a great year.”

The Prairie Classic, presented by the Kansas Quarter Horse Association, was February 11-15 at Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The event is a four-judge AQHA-approved show with special events in trail and western riding.

The Prairie Classic offers an alternative to competitors who prefer not to make the trek to shows on the east or west coasts. The show is touted as a great way to begin the season as it is held early in the year, offers a reasonable attendance and great awards.

The new leveling system made the show conducive to success for seasoned show-goers and beginners alike. Both the level 2 and level 3 classes received circuit awards. Level 3 champions were rewarded with monogrammed sheets while Level 2 champions received monogrammed stall bags.

OQHYA and KQHYA members conducted their own individual bake sales as fundraisers throughout the course of the show. OQHYA members also laminated numbers and raised over $500 for their organization.

Show manager Jackie Krshka was pleased with the turnout of the show and stated that the Prairie Classic isn’t just for the “big time riders,” – one of the many features that makes the show special.

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